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 Are the Verses About Heritage Fair?

In the verses about heritage in the Quran man is given two portions and woman is given one. Is this proportion fair, what is the hikmah (wisdom) behind this?


In this matter that is criticized by people, actually Quran; on the point of being (sister 1 + her husband 2 = 3) (brother 2 + his wife 1 = 3) shows its justice by providing the equality.
A woman needs somebody who will provide for her and protect her for her whole life. Allah puts the burden of earning a living and the responsibility of protection to the man. He has to provide for at least two people including himself and his wife. At the same time, the responsibility to provide for his children, his mother and father and if it is necessary his close relatives falls on the man.
Man takes two of three in his father’s property, but because he has to spend one of two in this property for his wife’s needs, he has only one portion for himself. Therefore he has the same portion and becomes equal to his sister who takes one portion of her father’s property. And consequently, with this equation (sister 1 + her husband 2 = 3) (brother 2 + his wife 1 = 3) justice is provided.
So, this matter that is criticized is actually a proof of justice of the Quran. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Are the Verses About Heritage Fair?

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