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 What is Abominable (makruh) in Toilet?

What is abominable (Makruh) in toilet? What must not be done in toilet?


1) Going into toilet with things that ayah, names of Allah...etc on it.
2) It is Makruh to urinate while standing, or on hard earth, or in the burrows of the animals, or in stationery water.
3) It is Makruh to face Qiblah, the sun, or the moon in the desert while relieving oneself.
4) To chant the names of Allah or anything from the Qur’an. (Doing it inside the heart is Sunnah.)
5) Repeating the muazzin (person who calls the adhan.)
6) Answering a salam (salutation)
7) To sit for urinating etc. facing the wind,
8) To sit for urinating on the road side, or in lanes, or in front of a doors of a house or under the shade of the fruit-yielding tree.
9) to eat while relieving oneself,
10) to take longer than usual time
11) to wash oneself with the right hand
12) talking is also Makruh unless necessary,
13) It is Makruh to suppress or constrain one's urge for urine or excretion, and if it is injurious to one's health, it becomes haram.
14) It is also makruh to make istinja (to cleanse after relieving oneself) where you relieved yourself. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is Abominable (makruh) in Toilet?

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