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 Women visiting graves

Are women allowed to visit graves during her monthly periods? Please answer in the light of Quran and Sunnah.


Dear Our Sister Nadia;

We congratulate you on your seeking to widen your knowledge in Islam. We will try to answer your question on fiqh in the most authentic way.

As to your question below is the answer: 

Generally, visiting graves is mustahab (recommended) for men and is permissible for women. Visiting the graves of saintly people, parents and close relatives is considered mandub (desirable). It is permissible and possible for women to visit graves as long as they do not cry out, wail, behave hysterically and respect graves too much, which can cause mischief. This is because the Prophet advised a woman who was wailing at her child’s grave to endure; yet he did not forbid her to visit the grave. (Bukhari, Janaiz, 2, Ahkam II; Muslim, Janaiz, 15). In addition, it is narrated that Hadrat Aisha visited her brother’s, Abdurrahman b. Abi Bakr, grave. (Tirmidhi, Janaiz, 61)

Moreover there is no harm in women’s visiting graveyards during their menstruation. (Fataway-i Hindiyya)

 However as a fiqh term “no harm” means, “though there is permission for them to visit graveyard during their menstruation it would be better if they don’t.”

Besides, It is better for a woman not to visit graveyards though they are in the state of cleanliness.

Because, most of the time harms of visiting graveyards is much more than its profits.  (Islam Fiqh Encyclopaedia ) This is because women are delicate in nature and during their menstruation periods women are much more exposed and weak spiritually. This is why, it is better for their own sake if they don't visit graveyards while they are menstruating. 

We hope this answer is helpful to you and please feel free to ask any further question.


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