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 What are the Basic Beliefs of Islam?

What are the fundamental beliefs in Islam?


The basic beliefs in Islam are the “six pillars of faith” which are belief in God, the angels, the revealed books, the prophets, the Day of Judgement and Qadar (Divine Predestination). In order to have a valid faith in Islam, one is required to accept, believe and approve all these six articles. If a person denies even one of these six articles, he is not regarded to have an Islamic faith.  

The six pillars are declared in “Iman Al-Mufassal”  (Declaration of Detailed Belief) which is as follows:

"Amantu Billahi, wa Mala’ikatihi, wa Kutubihi, wa Rusulihi, wal Yawmil Akhiri, wal Qadri Khairihi wa Sharrihi Minal Lahi Ta’ala, wal Ba’thi Ba’dal Mawt."

It means: "I believe in Allah, in His angels, in His books, in His messengers, in the Last Day (Day of Judgement) and in destiny that everything good or bad is decided by Allah, the Almighty, and in the resurrection after Death."

Besides, there are”five pillars of Islam” which are shahadah and the establishment of prayer, payment of Zakat, Hajj and the fast of Ramadan.

“Shahada” is the first and the most important pillar of Islam and a key for conversion. A person who wants to become a Muslim needs to testify his faith reciting “kalima al shahadah” which is

“Ash-hadu alla ilaha illallah-wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasulullah”

It means: “"I bear witness that there is no God except Allah and Muhammad (saw) is His messenger". Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What are the Basic Beliefs of Islam?

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