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 Manners of I’tikaf

What are the Manners for I’tikaf?


• I’tikaf must be performed at the last ten days of Ramadan and in the best of masjids.
• Nothing bad must be told during the i’tikaf. It is allowed to talk about things which are not sinful. It is also makruh (abominable) to intentionally keep silence with a worship purpose. It is of the biggest worships to keep the tongue away from sinful words.
• One should continue reading Qur’an hadith and siyar, and must keep teaching the religious issues.
• He must be wear clean clothes and nice perfumes, odours.
• Person who will make i’tikaf should say it with his tongue.
• It is better to prefer the most crowded masjids
. (from the (Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen Commentary)

The person in i’tikaf shouldn’t be disturbed

Abu said narrates: When Rasulullah (pbuh) went to make i’tikaf, he realised that the community in the masjid was reciting Qur’an loudly, and he opened the curtain of his place a little bit and said: “Know that you all are imploring to Allah (swt). Thus, don’t disturb others by raising your voice while reciting Qur’an. And while reciting Qur’an and also praying don’t suppress the voice of another with your voice.” (Abu Davud – Jamu’l-favaid) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Manners of I’tikaf

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