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How Can I Spend the Ramadan in the Best Way?

In the article below, you will discover many beneficial tips to spend your Ramadan in the best way. Have a pleasant Ramadan!.. 8.3.2012 05:01

Is it permissible to go swimming while fasting?

Can I go swimming while fasting? 7.31.2012 16:54

Why is kaffarah of Ramadan fasting 61 days?

In Ramadan, if a Muslim breaks his fast intentionally, he has to offer expiation (kaffarah) of 61 days fasting. Why is it 61, but not 30, 60 or any other? 7.22.2012 00:18

Medical Interpretation of Fasting

Fasting is the Quranic cure for material and spiritual obesity... 7.16.2012 08:51

How long should a person stay in itikaf?

What is the minimum and maximum period of itikaf? 8.24.2011 04:50

Which Acts of Worship Should be Performed in Itikaf?

Which acts of worship should a person in itikaf perform? 8.24.2011 02:40

Which acts of worship are recommended to perform during Ramadan?

Aside From Fasting, Which Worship Should We Perform During Ramadan? 8.18.2011 00:35

Why is not it proper to delay breaking the fast?

Is it permissible to delay breaking the fast? What is the importance of breaking the fast on time? 8.12.2011 17:41

How many rakahs is tarawih prayer in different madhabs?

How many rakahs is tarawih prayer in different madhabs? 8.8.2011 02:00

When Should We Start Fasting for Ramadan?

When should I start to fast before Ramadan? Can I welcome Ramadan by fasting three days before? 8.7.2011 14:09

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