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Is Dua Worship?

Is dua (supplication) worship? Is there any reward or fine in return for our good and bad duas? 1.3.2013 10:42

Must We Repeat Our Ibadah After Finding out It Was Not Done properly?

Must we repeat our ibadah (praying and fasting) after finding out it was not done properly? 9.16.2012 16:00

What Are the Sunnahs of the Feast of Sacrifice?

4.20.2011 17:09

Can We Perform Kadaa (Missed) Prayers instead of Sunnah Prayers?

Is it better to prayer kada (missed) prayers instead of sunnah prayers for a person who has so many missed prayers? 2.4.2011 00:27

Can an ill Person Perform his Prayers Sitting?

Can an ill person who is unable to bend for sujud perform his prayers on a chair in sitting position? 12.11.2010 12:42

What Is the Reward for I’tikaf?

What is the reward for I’tikaf? 9.5.2010 18:31

What should we do to utilize the blessed Laylat-ul Qadr (Night of Power)?

What can I do on Laylat-ul Qadr (Night of Power)? 9.4.2010 18:01

How Does a Safari (Traveller) Perform His/Her Prayers?

How Does a Safari (Traveller) Perform His/her fard Prayers? How Does a Safari (Traveller) Perform His/her Prayers? 6.4.2011 00:49

Do We Have to Have Ablution in order to Perform Funeral Prayer?

Do We Have to Have Ablution in order to perform funeral prayer? 9.4.2010 01:32

What is the Ruling of Islam to do ghusl (full ablution) when you are operated and how to do?

How should one behave if the doctor doesn’t let the operated organ to be washed? How should we take ghusl if we has just undergone an operation? Would it be enough to have only tayammum (dry ablution)? 9.2.2010 01:22

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