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 Did Muhammad see Allah in his true form in Miraj?

Did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) see Allah (swt)in his true form with the naked eye?


 Most of the ahl al sunnah ulama (scholars that follow the path of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)) agree that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saw Allah (swt) in Miraj. However, they say that it is not possible to fully comprehend the exact essence and concept of seeing Allah (swt).  So, we cannot exactly know how, in which way it happened. We are just sure that it did happen. 

The only person who saw Allah (swt) is the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The person who has approached Allah the most is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who has been bestowed the great miracle; Miraj. While in the miraj (ascending) he (pbuh) saw Allah (swt) in the akhirah with his (worldly) eyes.

It is an absolute and doubtless truth that the beloved Messenger (pbuh) saw Allah Almighty that night. Even if some of the earlier Muslim scholars have said the contrary, the scholars of later eras such as Imam Ash’ari, Abd al-Qadir Jilani, Imam Rabbani, Taftazaani, Mawlana Khalid Baghdadi, Imam Nawawi, who are the seniors of the Ahl al-Sunnah, are unanimous that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saw Allah (SWT). Nawawi said the following: “According to most of the scholars, the Prophet (pbuh) saw his Lord.

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