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 What is the true reason for Miraj?

What is the true reason for Miraj? Why did Allah (SWT) demand it to happen?


There are countless benefits and outcomes of Miraj.

 The five most important of them are mentioned below:
1-The most sublime of human beings, on behalf of them, has seen the pillars of the faith such as faith in Allah, angels, the paradise and the hell which we believe them to be true without ever seeing them.
2-He has brought the tenets Islam, especially five times prayer, as a gift to human beings and jinns.
3-He has witnessed in person the promised eternal bliss of the Hereafter and has told the glad tidings to human beings and jinns that the eternal bliss does really exist.
4-As he was granted to see the beauty of Allah, he heralded man and jinn that it is also possible for the each and every believer to see His beauty.
5-It has been understood with Miraj that the man is the invaluable fruit of the universe tree and the beloved worshipper of Allah (SWT).
May our sublime Lord grant us spiritual Mirajs which will make us reach Him for the sake of his Prophet who has experienced the Miraj. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is the true reason for Miraj?

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