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 What Would Happen If There Were No Religion?

We can understand the existence of a Creator when we look at the universe. Well then, why is the "religion" necessary? Is not it possible that religion is a kind of exploiting of people?


As the natural laws are necessary for the order of the universe; also, the divine religions are essential for the order and the peace of the humanity.
We observe clearly in the universe that everything, from an atom to the sun, moves within certain laws. By this virtue, these laws created and legislated by Allah (swt), no confusion occurs in the universe. If there were no laws in the universe, the continuation of its order would be unimaginable.
Although we know that this wonderful order is maintained in the universe by subjecting everything living or non-living to some certain laws; how can we regard the order and peace of mankind as possible without any rules and laws?
Physical and spiritual peace and order are certain needs for the humanity. A divine religion sent to humanity, along with providing this order, also maintains the communication between the servant and the Creator. In other words, religion is essential for the order of both personal and social life.
Each divine religion reaching newly removed the obligations of the previous one. By this way, spirituality and civilization of the humanity improved step by step by the will of Allah.

Religion maintains the communication between the servant and Allah (swt)

Man can comprehend the existence of the Creator when he observes the universe. However he, by his own mind, can’t find answers for his questions such as “Why did Allah (swt) create the mankind?”, “How must man worship his Lord (swt)?”, “What did the Creator (swt) prepare for us after death?” Man who wants to recognize and worship his Creator (swt) can find answers for these questions only by the virtue of religion.

Religion regulates the personal and social life of mankind

Since the Creator of the man and the universe is Allah (swt), of course Allah’s (swt) laws are essential both for the universe and the man. For instance; in order to operate a device properly and not to without damaging it, an instruction manual prepared by its engineer must be obeyed. Because the one having the knowledge of that device for the best is the one who produced it.
Allah (swt) provided the rules needed by the humanity through the divine religions.
No matter how the mankind doesn’t want to accept the divine religions, they still feel themselves obliged to determine other worldly and moral laws in order not to have an unprincipled and lawless life. But is it possible for the laws legislated by even the most genious people to catch up with the laws of Allah (swt) who created this wonderful universe through an unlimited knowledge and power?
On the other hand, Just as anything can be misused, religions have also been misused from time to time. So there are some fake religions of course; but Allah (swt) gave mankind both mind and conscience to differentiate the right and civilized one from the wrong and the crude. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Would Happen If There Were No Religion?

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