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 Is it Haram to Lie as a Joke?

Is it permissible to lie to make people laugh? Can I tell small lies as a joke or to amuse people?


Lying is certainly prohibited in Islam

“Do not ever lie, because lying leads to very abhorrent sins, and those in turn lead to Hellfire. One keeps on lying and seeks to do that until one is recorded as a liar in some books of Allah.” (Ibn Maja)

"Let he who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day speak good or be silent." [Bukhari)


Joking is allowed unless it involves lying

Islam allows people to make jokes as long as it doesn’t involve lies. The Blessed Prophet (pbuh) used to make jokes but he didn’t speak anything wrong but the truth.

It was narrated that Ibn Umar said: The Prophet (pbuh) said:

“I joke, but I speak nothing but the truth.” (Tabaraani, Mujam al Kabeer)

It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah said:

“They said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, you joke with us.’ He said, ‘But I only speak the truth.’” (Tirmidhi)


Lying is not allowed whether done seriously or jokingly

“Lying is not good, whether in seriousness or joking.” (Baihaqi)


Woe to him who lies to make people laugh

Narrated Mu'awiyah ibn Jaydah al-Qushayri: The Apostle of Allah (pbuh) said:

“Woe to him who tells things, speaking falsely, to make people laugh thereby. Woe to him! Woe to him!” (Abu Dawuud, Kitab al Adab, 4972)


A house in Jannah is guaranteed for he who avoids lying even as a joke

Narrated Abu Umamah: The Prophet (pbuh) said:

“I guarantee a house in the surroundings of Paradise for a man who avoids quarrelling even if he were in the right, a house in the middle of Paradise for a man who avoids lying even if he were joking and a house in the upper part of Paradise for a man who made his character good.” (Abu Dawud, Kitab al Adab, 4782) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is it Haram to Lie as a Joke?

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