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 Why Does Man Do Backbiting?

What are the reasons that incite backbiting?


There are many reasons inciting a person to backbite. Some of these are:

Anger and malice push a person into backbiting.

Selfishness causes backbiting because people may want to bring themselves up by putting other people down.

Jealousy causes backbiting because when a person sees a flaw of another, he wants to make that flaw known by the others in order to decrease his/her value in people’s eye.

Bad thinking causes a person to backbite. Thinking that other people are talking about him causes a person to backbite because a person in this state would want to gossip about the people whom he thinks are gossiping about him.

When a person enters a place where others are backbiting, he is included into the talk in order not to create uneasiness in that atmosphere. This also pushes people into backbiting.

Imitating people in order to make others laugh drags a person to backbiting.

As we can see from these reasons bad morals trigger each other. Bad morals bear bad morals. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Does Man Do Backbiting?

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