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 How Does Quran Address Everybody?

It is said that each verse of the Quran addesses all people regardless of their levels. How can it be possible for one book to address all levels?


The Quran uses a facilitated method of statement in order to approach the subjects which the addressees can’t fathom directly to their understanding levels so that everybody from a child to an uneducated old can reflect upon.
Allah (swt) revealed the verses in such expressions that each mind, capability and level gets his share in different aspects. When the Quran is observed, we see that the meanings of the verses satisfy the whole levels of understanding.
For instance;
“He does not beget nor is He begotten! And nothing has become comparable to Him!” (Al Ikhlas 3,4)
The meaning which people from any levels derive from this verse is: “Allah is away from having father, offspring, coequal or spouse.
A group of people having a higher level of knowledge also comprehend the meaning:” Created and begotten beings can’t be creator. (Such as Prophet Jesus and the angels)
Another level deduces that Allah (swt) is Everlasting and Eternal. He has no co-equal, no comparable and no example in aspects of His Entity, His attributes or His activities. And He, does everything by the command of”


فيكون ”

  (He only says: ‘Be’, (and) it easily becomes at once.) through His eternal Will. He is the Almighty; the One who needs no helpers.
For detailed information you may see the article entitled “Quran Addresses Everybody”Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - How Does Quran Address Everybody?

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