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 How Can We Gain Sincerity?

Sunnah and Ihsan-3


Contemplation leads one to feel his being at Allah (SWT)’s presence and that leads to sincerity

He gains the sincerity and gets rid of hypocrisy by thinking that Allah (SWT) is present everywhere, every time and not seeking the pleasure of anyone other than Him considering that it is insolence to do so, gaining the feeling of constantly being a the presence of Allah (SWT) through the strength of verified belief and the gleams of thought based on observing creatures faithfully.
Verified belief and the prayer that is performed through contemplation as indicated in the hadith “its one hour is equal to one year” gains the person the degree of Ihsan.
If a person who tries to earn his children’s livelihood looks at the universe with intention of learning a lesson, he sees that all poor, weak and helpless creatures are given their daily livelihood perfectly. Especially, it is really remarkable that livelihood of those plants which cannot move is provided without bothering them. Of course it is not possible that Allah (SWT) forgets feeding the humankind, which is the most honourable of the creatures, while He does not neglect feeding the plants which are inferior to humankind. Of course, Allah (SWT) who hears and accepts the prayers that the plants do with their tongue of disposition will hear the prayers that humankind do verbally and with their tongue of disposition. Considering these contemplative processes, that person who is seeking for his livelihood will conclude that the All-Provider and All-Munificent Allah (SWT), who guarantees the food of all creatures, will not forget him and leave him without food and He will provide him with his livelihood. Thus; “I should recognize that He always observes me and I should not seek attention and help of anybody other than Him.” That kind of an attitude will result in sincerity which means gaining the pleasure of Allah (SWT). Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - How Can We Gain Sincerity?

By Mehmet Kurt, The Pen Magazine

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