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 What is the Purpose of Creation of Humankind?

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Islam has defined the purpose of creation of humankind as to get to know and believe in Allah (SWT) and to worship him. The duty of humankind, in accordance with this purpose, is to try to get to know him well in return for his introducing himself to humankind and to make himself loved by Him by appreciating and considering best His artistry and works in exchange for His making Himself loved through decorations and to love Him by obeying His rules in return for His showing His love for humankind by displaying His beneficence, and to show his respect with thanks in return for His showing compassion and mercy with bounties and blessings.1 And, it is also to fulfil this duty properly to reach his good pleasure.
What makes us gain the pleasure of Allah (SWT) is to obey what is enjoined and shun away from what is prohibited. One of the most important of those which have been enjoined is to worship Allah (SWT) which means to obey Him. The sincerity in our prayers makes them more appropriate to be acceptable by Allah (SWT). Sincerity (Ikhlas) is the spirit of worship and it means seeking the pleasure of Allah whatever you are doing. One of the most important ways which may lead us into the sincerity is the state of ihsan as a human way of behaving.
Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) responded to the question of Jabrail (alayhissalam) in the following way in the particular narration called as Jabrail(alayhissalam) hadith: “Ihsan means worshipping Allah (SWT) as if you see Him with your own eyes. Even if you do not see Him, He sees you.” It is very valuable to be in the state of Ihsan; however it is not easy to reach that level. One who obtains that level hardly ever commits a sin or engages in an immoral action and he or she performs his/her prayers sincerely.
The state of Ihsan which is indicated as necessary to be reached is attained through the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is the Purpose of Creation of Humankind?

By Mehmet Kurt, The Pen Magazine

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