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 Living in the State of Ihsan Leads to Passing Away With Iman

Sunnah and Ihsan-4


A sample case for state of Ihsan

Sultan Selim the Grim, the Ottoman sultan and caliph of Muslims who served Islam in an unprecedented way, during his reign asked Hasan Jan, one of his friends, in his death bed:
“Hasan, what do you think about me?”
Hasan answered:
“You are about to reach to Allah, Your highness. Pay your attention to Him!”
The Sultan said:
“Oh Hasan, Who do you think I have been together so far? Do I have a mistake about Allah?”
“Your Highness, I have never thought such kind of a thing about you, and I will never never think at all. However, we cannot compare your present situation with the former ones… I just wanted to remind you for this reason.”
When he said this, the sultan was reciting the kalimat ul tawheed for the last time. He passed away with bearing witness to the oneness of Allah (SWT).
Sultan Selim the Grim who lived in the state of ihsan and was aware that he was always in the presence of Allah (SWT), moved to his eternal resting place having done many good deeds. As Muslims of Today, if we live in the state of ihsan and realize who sees and follows us constantly, we perform a lot of good deeds in our short life, and we can make many spiritual and material conquests. Especially, living up by Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) we can turn our ordinary actions into worship, and we can make all our life span very fruitful.
May Allah grant us being in the state of ihsan. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Living in the State of Ihsan Leads to Passing Away With Iman Amin…

By Mehmet Kurt, The Pen Magazine

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