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 What is Book of Deeds?


Book of deeds is the book where the rewards (thawabs) and sins of a person are written by angels during his lifetime. Even the smallest ones with the smallest details are recorded on the book of deeds.
Each man has his own book and he will be given it in the hereafter in his right hand or in his left hand or from his back depending on his belief and deeds. None of his deeds will remain hidden. He will see what he did in life and will not be able to reject the misdeeds he did.
“And every man's augury have We fastened to his own neck, and We shall bring forth for him on the Day of Resurrection a book which he will find wide open.” (Surat-u Isra, 13)
“That day mankind will issue forth in scattered groups to be shown their deeds.
And whoso doeth good an atom's weight will see it then,
And whoso doeth ill an atom's weight will see it then.” (Surat-u Zilzal- 6, 7, 8)
“Then whoso is given his account in his right hand. He truly will receive an easy reckoning.” (Surat-u Inshikak- 7, 8)
“But whoso is given his account behind his back, He surely will invoke destruction. And be thrown to scorching fire.” (Surat-u Inshikak-10, 11, 12) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is Book of Deeds?

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