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 The Beautiful Aspect of Death

It is said that Alalh has made everything He has created good. Then, what kind of a beauty is there in dearth which hurts hearts with the sorrow of separation?


Just like life, Allah has placed many good in death.


, which is the only means of coming together with our beloved ones who passed away,

is certainly good.

Man is distressed because of the problems, hardships and sorrows of life. And he desires a world where there is no hardship, no sorrow and no problem and where he will be happy and peaceful forever. That world is doubtlessly “jannah” (paradise). The only obstacle for a believer (Muslim) to go to jannah is “this world” and “death” is the only way to remove this obstacle, exit the world and enter the jannah ;so

“death” is certainly good.

If there was no “death” in the world, all people and animals and plants created so far would be still living on earth. So, world would be a place of mess! What would you feel to see your ancestors and their ancestors and theirs and theirs… living in our century so old and miserable? Would you be happy for them? Wouldn’t “death “be a mercy, a blessing and a salvation for them? That’s to say,

“Death” is certainly good.

There are too many causes making life difficult, such as senility and illness. In such situations, “death” seems an extremely compassionate gift and salvation from Allah. Just as sleep’s being a rest for the patient, the wounded, the distressed; death is “a rest” and “a need” for human tired of the sorrows and hardships of life.
Death which relieves man of his heavy worldly load is certainly good. And reunites man, who has finished his servant hood task, to His Lord (swt) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - The Beautiful Aspect of Death to get his everlasting reward…

“Death” is a door reunites man to the eternity realm where there is no death, no hardship, no illness, no fatigue but never ending pleasure and happiness…

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dawud said on "6.17.2011 11:27" :
best way to explain death. my aspect's changed completely. thank you so much. i'm really glad to see this kinda websites.

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