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 The Reality of Reincarnation?

I light of the fact that the reincarnation case has been so thoroughly studied by scientists and people bent on proving it a fraud, with none of them able to come up with any theory to explain her reincarnation, how can I just blindly keep on believing that reincarnation is a myth? So many cases have been documented. Please provide me with an analytic reason as to why that case is a fraud... really I just want to get that thing out of my mind... but I can't

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

Dear Brother,

First of all, we would like to remind you that we live in a century which is stated to be the hardest of the time by the prophets and the scholars. It is the hardest of the time, because it was never as difficult as today to protect faith from the denials and there were never as much denial as there are. Moreover, denial used to stem from ignorance, so it was easy to increase faith. However, in our century, it stems from “science”, so it is more difficult to achieve a strong faith far from doubts. Therefore, scholars agree that it is essential and an absolute necessity to study Islamic knowledge to strengthen and verify belief with evidences. It is a “must” for a Muslim to have a verified belief to fathom the irrationality of the superstitious ideas such as reincarnation, materialism, the theory of evolution, naturalism etc. So that it becomes quite clear and obvious to see that though science eagerly does his best to prove denial, actually there is no reasonable, logical and acceptable proof yet, as there will never be… 


Why is science interested in reincarnation so much?

It is not surprising to see that science gets more interested in reincarnation recently, because as denial has no acceptable evidences (since it is an absolute truth that God does exists!), they endeavor to find some apparently acceptable but indeed mind-confusing  and illogical excuses to offer as evidences of their fabricated theories through science.

Yes, there are scientific researches about reincarnation, but do you think they conclude with valid and firm evidences? Besides, we should bear in mind that if science is in the hand of an unbeliever, he can even find so-called evidences for the evolution theory which claims evolving from the apes! Now, should we give up our belief in God which there is no doubt and start believing in Darwin just because science found some (so-called) evidences?

As to the (so-called!) evidences of reincarnation

Dear Brother,

Do you really think that there are really strong evidences for reincarnation? How much sense does it make to you to hear some stories and rumours from a few children who we know nothing about? Can you honestly be sure of their reality? Are they scientific proved truths or just assumptions and theories? To be honest, it has neither scientific nor logical explanations. It is suitable and acceptable neither for social life nor physiology.

 And especially for a Muslim who believes in a God who is verified by even the tiniest particles of universe, and has faith in the hereafter which is acknowledged and announced to the humanity by all the divine books and holly prophets whose honesty there is no doubt in; can the fabricated ideas and believes which have no validity, accuracy and reliability mean anything? Furthermore, does a Muslim need such a doubtful belief though Allah granted him the best and the most trustworthy faith that will certainly provide the happiness of the two worlds for him?


What does reincarnation concept claim?

According to reincarnation concept, after the death of the body, the soul or spirit returns to a new human body and gets rid of the bad moral it has and evolves and matures within this alteration. This rebirth process repeats until the soul reaches perfection.


Does reincarnation depend on any acceptable divine resource?

Reincarnation is a superstition that never depends on any divine source.  As well as being principally the same, it differs according to the countries and regions. Mainly those who fear from death and afterlife take refuge in the idea of reincarnation. Since reincarnation is a denial of resurrection and afterlife, it is a great danger for a Muslim to believe it that will harm his faith.

However, when we examine the belief in reincarnation, we see many contradictions within the idea.


Just a few of the reincarnation contradictions against the Divine Religions

Belief in reincarnation regards that soul needs “rebirth to a new body” to be cleansed. Then it comes to mean that, according to reincarnation, all souls are immoral at first?

Belief in reincarnation denies the resurrection and hereafter, because if soul rebirths to new bodies, within which body will human be resurrected on the Judgement Day?

Reincarnation also contradicts the faith in hell, because if souls reach perfection in this world, then there is no need for hell where the evildoers and the cruel will be punished. (!)


Does Reincarnation really stand for justice as it claims?

Belief in reincarnation assumes that justice among the people is provided with reincarnation. For example if a person lives a poor life, then the next time his soul will live a rich life so that all souls will live in equal life conditions.  Then, here is the question: what about the souls that haven’t reached perfection yet on doomsday? How will those souls benefit the justice of reincarnation when the world ends? As is known, end of the world is not just a religious prediction; it is also a scientific fact. What kind of a solution does reincarnation offer for this reality? This is just one of numerous questions that reincarnation is unable to answer…

 What is pointless is that a person’s denying the afterlife where there will be exact justice and his trying to find out a vague way like reincarnation.  According to all divine religions, every soul will get its reward and every soul will get its punishment for its worldly actions in the hereafter. No deeds even the tiniest ones will not be out of reward. And there are countless proofs for the hereafter in all divine religions and in the universe. Then why to hesitate an exact truth that is announced by God who is the Creator of soul and that is affirmed by the whole universe and why to follow a fabricated vague idea which has no proofs except a few doubtful events?

What about transmigration?

There is another reincarnation doctrine called “transmigration” (tanasukh in Arabic) claiming that soul transmigrates not only to human body but also to animal or plant body after death. This kind of reincarnation assumes that this transmigration is a reward or a punishment for soul while “rebirth” regards it as “a process to mature and reach perfection.”

Can you regard a fine as punishment if the guilty does not know about his crime and if he is not aware of his punishment? Does the punishment make any sense if the guilty is unaware of it? As animals and plants have no conscious, then how will the soul know that it is a punishment for it? Is it an acceptable punishment for people and do you think justice has been served this way?

Do you think transmigration to a flower is an adequate punishment for an evildoer soul who has tortured and even killed thousands of innocents?

 Think about cruel people who have killed thousands of people. He dies and his soul transmigrates to the body of a plant where he will never feel any pain! Is it a punishment for it or rather a reward? Is it really justice?!


What about body? Not deserve any reward or punishment?

Does man perform his good and bad deeds just with his soul? Or does he also use his body? Surely he does. Then is it justice to decompose the body forever and give reward and fine just to the soul? As body also works, gets tired, worships, struggles, performs good actions; it also deserves award. And it is the same with the bad actions. So, It is obvious that justice cannot be provided by only the continuation of soul as reincarnation claims; but can be achieved by the reward of both body and soul as the divine religions promise.


Is reincarnation the only explanation for the mysterious events?

What about the people who speak about a previous life?

People who believe in reincarnation regard hypnosis as a proof. They assume that a hypnotized person talks about his previous life, previous personality, family etc. However, it is much more logical to accept that they are inculcations that were implanted before hypnosis or outcomes of an illness called “dissociative identity disorder” with the regard to the explanations of the psychiatrists. In other words, hypnosis cannot be evidence.

There is another explanation for the reincarnation stories. As is known, creatures do not consist of just visible beings. As proved in Islam, there are invisible creatures like angels, devils, souls, spirits and the jinn. The jinn, as they are immaterial creatures, may enter the bodies of the human and dwell in. since they have long lifetimes, when the person they dwell pass away, they may keep living in another human body. In the incidents that are adduced as evidences of reincarnation, those who give information about deceased people are the jinn that dwelled in another body previously. Besides, the alteration of their voice while speaking about the previous personality confirms this possibility.


Quran definitely rejects the reincarnation doctrine:

“And there is a ban upon any community which We have destroyed: that they shall not return.” (Surah al Anbiya, 95

“Until, when death cometh unto one of them, he saith: My Lord! Send me back,

That I may do right in that which I have left behind! But nay! It is but a word that he speaketh; and behind them is a barrier until the day when they are raised.” (Surah al Mu’minun, 99-100)

As stated in the verses, there is no return to worldly life after death; the souls will wait in al-barzakh (the realm of the grave after death, the intervening state, intermediate state).


Man is born knowing nothing

“And Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers knowing nothing, and gave you hearing and sight and hearts that haply ye might give thanks.” (Surah al Nahl, 78)

According to reincarnation that is claimed to be necessary for the perfection of soul, people should be born learned, educated and knowing. However, Quran, the word of Lord, says that man is born with no knowledge; that’s what exactly what we observe for all babies.


“Have they not seen how many generations We destroyed before them, which indeed returned not unto them; “ (Surah al Yasin, 31)

As seen in all these verses, it is obvious for a Muslim who believes in Quran that there is no return for neither soul  nor body after death. Believing in reincarnation is also a denial of these verses. Now a Muslim or a Christian should ask himself: should I believe in a religion that has countless proves and that has been informed and established by Lord, or should I believe in a doubtful fabricated idea which has no divine and certain proof although many people are eager to prove it?

“Lo! Those who believe (in that which is revealed unto thee, Muhammad), and those who are Jews, and Christians, and Sabaeans - whoever believeth in Allah and the Last Day and doeth right - surely their reward is with their Lord, and there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.” (Syrah al Baqara, 62) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - The Reality of Reincarnation?


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