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 Which Language Will Be Spoken in the Hereafter?

Which language will we speak in the hereafter? In which language will the questioning angels question us?


In some narrations, the language of the inhabitants of Jannah (Paradise) is stated as the Arabic and the Persian, so it is possible that these languages will be spoken in the al-barzakh (the realm of the grave after death, the intervening state, intermediate state), in the other realms of eternity, at the moment of questioning and in the Paradise.
However; the communication of the souls with each other without using a speaking language is possible, as well. For example; in our dreams, we have no difficulty in speaking with a person of whom language we don’t know. If it is so in the realm of dreams that soul gets free of the body; it is possible in the hereafter, where the souls become absolutely free, that human beings may not need to use a language in the realm of the grave answering the questioning angels. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Which Language Will Be Spoken in the Hereafter?

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