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 Who Will Serve Women in Paradise?

Which servants will be in paradise aside from the houris that will serve men?


“There wait on them immortal youths. With bowls and ewers and a cup from a pure spring.” (Surah al- Vakıa, 17-18)
“There wait on them immortal youths, whom, when thou seest, thou wouldst take for scattered pearls.” (Surah al- Insan, 19)
Essentially, the service way of Houris is “to be wives” for the people of Paradise.
“Ghilman” and “Wildan” mentioned as the children and youths of paradise” will be given to both men and women for their services.
The fact that their genders were not mentioned indicates that, contrary to the houris, the ghilmans and the wildans have been created only for the purpose of serving the people of paradise; not for being wives or husbands to them.
The expression of “youths” in the aforementioned verse (ayah) refers to the children who die before reaching the age of puberty. They will live eternally and permanently in the Paradise; therein they will both answer the need of liking children of families and serve the people of Paradise. Certainly, this service will be a means of pleasure for them, not inconvenience. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Who Will Serve Women in Paradise?

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