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 Why Are We Unable to See the Torments of the Grave?

If the sould and the body is tormented in the grave, so why don't we observe it now?


There is a materialistic substance (made out of soil) in this world. As to the grave, we will be given another representational body which is appropriate for the realm of intervening stage. That body will have no remotely-close relation with the material. It will be a kind of a copy of a substance which is made out of soil. The mentioned punishment will be performed on this body.
The situation of those suffering torments of the grave resembles those in a dream. While the snakes are biting the sleeping one in his dream suffering an intense pain, the viewers of him while he is asleep can’t see anything. The awake ones’ not seeing this situation; does not alleviate the pain of the one who is sleeping.
Since the torments of both the soul and the body in grave is not performed in this world but in the realm of barzakh (intervening stage) it is not seen with the worldly eyes. Our being unable to see the realm of barzakh cannot be an evidence of the non-existence of the tormented ones.

There are also some scholars who can see that grave punishment.

The prophets and awliya (wali-saint) can see the situation of the grave even when they are awake with their foresight. Because the states occurring normal people while in their dreams, occur them when they are awake. (Imam Ghazali - Ihya Ulumu'ddeen)

Anyone can also observe punishment of those in graves in his dream

When fall asleep, human beings can see through the realities of this world. (For instance, seeing the enemy who will do harm to him in the shape of a snake in the dream...) As such, man might observe the states of the deads in graves while sleeping. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Are We Unable to See the Torments of the Grave?

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