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 Will I deduct my debt from the zakat amount?

I have no fixed property. recently purchased an apertment on loan. will this loan to be deducted from zakat amount?


While calculating the zakat amount, loan and the basic needs are deducted from the whole property liable to zakat. If the remaining property equals to or exceeds the nisab value, then their zakat should be paid after calculation is made depending on the type of the property.

A Muslim is obliged to pay zakat on the conditions that he is free, he has reached puberty and he possesses property of nisab value for a full lunar year, excluding his basic necessities and debts.

As stated in the conditions that are necessary to be obliged to zakat, you should deduct the amount of your debt from your wealth and make the zakat calculation for the remaining amount.

Besides, house is a basic need that is not liable to zakat. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Will I deduct my debt from the zakat amount?

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