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How does God know everything?

How is God able to know everything? 3.4.2013 14:51


What are the proofs of existence and oneness of Allah (swt)? 2.12.2012 11:15

What is Shirk in Love?

Could you please explain the 165. verse of Surah al Baqara? I wonder which love is meant to be shirk? 12.24.2011 01:11

What does "ilah" mean?

What is the meaning of the Arabic word "ilah"? 11.1.2011 10:14

Does God Have a Physical Body?

Does Allah have any physical form or shape? If no, it is stated in the hadith that Allah (swt) made Adam (as) according to His own shape. What is the meaning? Please explain. 10.27.2011 23:45

How can I feel Allah with me all the time?

How could I feel that Allah watches me for everything I do, even when I'm writing this question? 9.15.2011 17:26

What Are The Evidences of The Existence And Oneness of God?

What are the evidences that prove the existence and oneness of Allah (swt)? 4.7.2011 23:50

I Don’t Believe What I Don’t See

How can I believe in the existence of the unseen like angels, paradise and hell even though I can't see them? 3.17.2011 23:54

How Can We Believe in Something We Can’t See?

I don't believe what I don't see 3.16.2011 16:58

Has Anyone Seen God?

Has any humanbeing seen Allah so far? 3.16.2011 15:03

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