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 Why Does God Not Show Himself In This World?

Why does God (Allah) hide Himself? Why cannot we see Allah?

“I was a Treasure unknown then I willed to be known so I created a creation to which I made Myself known; then they knew Me.” (Ajlouni– Hadith Qudsi)
Allah (God)hide Himself in a way that we cannot see with our physical eyes. However, He created human beings with equipments enough to search and find Him, to know and recognize Him. So, Allah does not really keep Himself hidden, just the opposite; he wants to be known. He created the universe as a display of His names and attributes.

The world of test and tribulations requires this

The real reason man cannot seeGod is because this world is a world of test and tribulations. If Allah (God) had created human beings in a way that they could see Him, then the mystery of the tests and tribulations would be meaningless. Whoever saw Allah with his own eyes would become a believer anyway. In such a case we couldn’t talk about test and tribulations. The test of human beings is to believe or not to believe in Allah even though he cannot see Allah. As a result of this, believers and non-believers, the thankful ones and those who do not thank Allah, the good and the bad are separated.

Allah manifests Himself with His arts

Allah (God) hide Himself from the physical eye but manifests His existence to the “eye of the mind” through His names and attributes in His creations, through the books and prophets that he sent. Whoever reads Allah’s books listens to His prophets, examines the book of universe that He creates carefully, can recognize Allah with His names and attributes.
Those who take their minds out of the dark tunnels of their “selves” and look at the universe can see Allah clearly. They can comprehend that Allah hides Himself because of the enormous magnitude of His manifestations.

Allah is nearer to man than his jugular vein

For the right of My Glorious Might, (we) created man, and we know what misgiving his carnal self gives to him! For, we are closer to him than his jugular vein! (Qaf, 16)
Sun, with its rays is nearer to man than the apple of his own eyes. But man is further than 149 million kilometers to sun. And so, Allah is nearer to man than his jugular vein. But man is infinitely far from Allah. That’s why Allah is assumed as hiding Himself. However, unless man refuses with his own will, he can feel Allah’s existence every instant because Allah is in the hearts of the believing servants. And consequently, he never forgets Allah.

Allah manifests Himself by answering prayers

“(My Beloved! O Muhammad!) If My servants ask of Me to you, there is no doubt that I am very close (to them). I answer the supplication of the suppliant when he prays to Me; therefore they should (also) comply (to My call) (for My sake) and believe in Me so that they may find the true path.” (Al-Baqara, 186)
Allah declares His existence by answering the prayers of all creations. There is an Entity who answers all prayers, from the prayer of seed to become a tree to the prayer of a man asking for Jannah (Paradise). Even though man cannot see that Entity, he certainly knows His existence!

Man cannot endure to see the magnitude of Allah’s greatness

“When Moses came at the time We appointed and his Master addressed him, he said: “My Master! Show (yourself) to me, let me see you!”
He (his Master) declared: “(You) can never see Me (in this world); but look upon the mountain, if (it) is able to stand (in its place), then you can see Me (you, too)!” As his Master manifested unto the mountain, He smashed into bits; and Moses collapsed (to the ground) unconsciously! When he comes to himself, he said: “(My Master!) Glory be unto You! I repented to you (because of what I requested) and I am first of those who believe!”
(Al-Araf: 143)
Even though Allah manifests proofs of His existence throughout the universe, He does not show Himself openly because, in this mortal and material world, man’s eyes do not have the ability to grasp the greatness of Allah. Thus, Moses (as) could not even endure the relative manifestation through a mountain and fainted. If there had been a complete and absolute manifestation of Allah Himself, probably the whole universe would be destroyed.

Allah (God) has no peers or opposites

Another reason of Allah’s hiding Himself is that He has no peers or opposites. Human beings can only see and know things by the existence of peers and opposites of those things. For example; if there was no cold, we wouldn’t know the meaning of hot. If there was no hot we wouldn’t know the meaning of sweet. If there was no darkness we wouldn’t know the meaning of light. In addition, when you describe someone something that he has never seen, he tries to get clues about the true nature of that thing by asking questions such as “What is it like?”, “What does it look like?”
These prove that there are two ways people can identify objects. The first one is trying to identify it by comparing it to something similar. The other one is by contrasting it to something opposite.
That is why it is not possible for human beings to grasp the complete meaning of Allah’s Entity because he has no peers or opposites. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Does God Not Show Himself In This World?

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