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What are the proofs of existence and oneness of Allah (swt)?

What are the proofs of existence and oneness of Allah (swt)?

    Proofs of Allah’s existence and oneness are more than anything in the universe. Under these circumstances even though it seems easy to say “He does not exist”, actually “it is not.”

Proofs of Allah’s existence and oneness are more than all of the particles in the universe. Under these circumstances even though it seems easy to say “He is nonexistent”, actually it is not.

Here are some examples for the proofs of Allah’s existence in the book of universe.

“A letter indicates its writer rather than its own existence.”

“An orderly palace indicates an orderly act, an orderly act indicates a perfect doer, a perfect doer indicates a perfect attribute, namely an artistic skill, a perfect attribute indicates ability and it indicates a high spirit and entity.”

Just as victim indicates murderer, art the artist, downstairs upstairs, the plenitude of things indicate that they come from a single Entity and their post-existence indicates an eternal entity.

As every action indicates a doer it also indicates His attributes 

When one looks at the universe attentively for the sake of Allah it looks like a magnificent palace. The moon, sun and stars are its candles… Everything from particles to the lights serves for glorious guests of this palace, human beings. Unless one looks at for the sake of Allah the palace turns into a prison.

Do you think the sun rises everyday for it feels pity for those who are on earth?

Do you think the clouds are beneficent and compassionate?

Or did oxygen and hydrogen decide to form water just because they feel affection and consider it necessary for humans and animals!?

See how simple everything is!  In fact, a miraculous affection that belongs to Allah (swt) has surrounded the universe in a way that our hearts become warmer whenever we see it. However; blind and cruel eyes vulgarize such miraculous works associating such magnificent attributes with mindless, senseless and sightless elements and not taking Allah’s sake into consideration. Thus they live hell in the heaven.

Regular Action: Feeding on the most delicious nourishment milk.

Action affected: All human and animal offsprings on earth.

Perfect Actor: Allah

Perfect attribute: Mercy and Grace

Regular Action: Healing

Action affected: All plants, animals and humans on earth

Perfect Actor: Allah

Perfect attribute: The Healer, The Beneficent, The Compassionate 

Regular Action: Fulfilment of needs, feeding, blessing

Action affected: All beings

Perfect Actor: Allah

Perfect attribute: The Ever Providing, The Compassionate 

Much artful entities emerge easily and quickly and much valuable entities are present in abundance

It is well-known by everybody that the better quality and value of the art is the more expensive it is.  Its production is hard and less in proportion to its process and art intensity.

However all living things despite being miraculous machine, are invented easily and fast and created generous abundance. Flies that humans are incapable of re-creating one wing of are created in greater numbers in just one year than the number of people sent to earth since Hadrat Adam (as).

For example, a cow produces tons of milk in all its lifetime; a tree produces tons of fruit. The production of these precious arts abundantly and spreading with zero to low costs indicate Allah’s entity and endless power.

The easiness of creation in the universe proves the existence of the Artist and His power. The level of easiness of the creation has been confused with evolution on its own which is a thousand times more difficult, in other words impossible. The idiots take the proof of endless power as the proof of the lack of that power. (Risale-i Nur Collection)

Needs of all beings are taken care of.

 There is no forgetfulness or confusion, all wishes are heard and answered.

In the universe, none of the beings including humans have power and wealth enough to go on with their lives. Can you produce air which we need at all times or water we cannot live without?!

However despite being powerless and poor all creatures always get their needs. And these needs do not come superficially or irregularly either. They come in the most needed and the most desirable way.

For example, a tree needing water does not have the authority or the power to make the clouds serve it. But the clouds come to the tree to serve it. So, there must be a Doer who hears the voice of the tree and sends the clouds.

Ever since its existence, the fuel of the sun never ends. As well as supplying fuel for innumerable galaxies, the needs of infinite number of entities too small to be seen are also not forgotten. Of billions of entities not one’s provision is given to another by mistake. There is no confusion or forgetfulness.

 Adornments at first creation are the same as the adornments now

Everything has had perfect adornments at the beginning just like they have now. The greatest design was chosen from among thousands of possibilities even at the first creation.


However, humans who are the smartest and the most intelligent creatures in the world need time and experience to produce the best in arts. For example, let’s imagine cars when they were first invented. And then think about today’s cars. You see! Human beings are still trying to reach the perfection.

Imagine now, the first computer was as big as a building. But now they can fit into our palm. When the smartest and the most intelligent creatures, humans, need time and experience for the best performance and beauty, how can other creatures that are each miraculous and unique in and among themselves show the genius to exist on their own!?

Those who have minds will surely understand that a magnificent work of art can only come into existence through a perfect and endless intelligence, science and power which only Allah owns.

The result is more precious and artful than the cause

We look at the cause and it is ordinary and helpless. It does not have the power to help itself but what it causes is artful and precious.

Think about colourful and juicy foods forming from black soil and beings that have life, soul and consciousness forming from drop of water.

A lot of things that are formed are higher in degree, in arts and value than the cause. But the powerful can’t be built on to the weak.

So, the causes are ignorant and unconscious. The causes are just causes on the surface what they really point to is Allah, the Creator.

Entities function as if conscious even though they are unconscious

There are no entities without a mission. But they do not carry out their missions consciously. For example, a cloud does not have the consciousness or compassion to say “There is a dry piece of land over there let me go and serve its needs.” They are all like clocks. Clocks determine time but they are unaware of it. But man invented them for this purpose. As a result it is a product of mind.

Human beings have the consciousness to recognise his own mission and the mission of the entire universe. This ability is endowed to him so that he may get to know Allah.

All entities have excellent physical and spiritual equipments

 A cow that feeds on green grass has the equipment to supply white milk from amongst blood and tripe. In Russia, a group of scientist try to manufacture a cow that would supply milk.

But after great efforts they could only produce green water from the machine they fed green grass. However, even though cows are not scientist they can produce milk.

In technology human beings try to imitate the designs of a lot of animals and plants. However, even if all past and future scientists come together they can’t create a fly’s wing. Because in that encompasses the entire universe.

For instance, on a rattlesnake’s head there is such an apparatus that can see the infrared rays that our eyes can’t acknowledge. A rattlesnake can notice the heat less than one over one thousand’s of a degree. In this way, the rattlesnake can easily understand when a living being approaches it. Whereas, the inventions of 21st century are still way behind the animals.

All entities do extraordinary works

A tree is a fruit factory. Soil is a lab. The roods are chemists and they take elements from the soil following delicate measures and distribute to leaf, flower and fruit in necessary doses. Is that so?! Are the roods chemists?! In which university did they study the science of producing the acid to melt the stone and soil that come in their way? Can you separate the atoms of magnesium, iron and phosphate in the soil? But the roods can! Are there factories and universities hidden below the ground?

How about the electromagnetic sound system of the bats that surpasses that of radars? The bats already own a radar system that humans could only develop in 21st century.

A bat can measure an object’s volume and mass regardless it is alive or not and and also it can measure the distance in between by the return of the sound waves that it sends out as an echo system. Whoever does not believe in Allah as the creator of the bats, they should let the bats lecture in universities’ engineering departments!

All beings are soldiers of Allah in a way who is the Sultan of the universe. A soldier in loyalty to a great emperor has taken prisoner a lot of kings and commanders. For example, a little soldier called a seed belonging to the army of universe can make the sun, air, soil and clouds serve it by the order of the Sultan of the universe. With the same power an ant can destroy Pharaoh’s palace and a fly can kill Nimrod.

Seed is powerless, bat is powerless and so are mountains and the sun. All their power, strength and wealth are because they are soldiers of Allah.

The universe is an indivisible whole

All beings contain samples from the entire universe. For example, a lot of systems and elements found in the universe are also found in a tiny fly’s wing. An atom accepted as the smallest building block of matter has the same mathematical gravitational laws as the great solar system.

It is understood that it is the Entity that rules the galaxies and the atom. Because only the power that keeps entire universe under its control can use whatever He wants, whenever He wants.

There are similarities in every being’s laws of life. This unity that is seen in the universe is declaring the existence of Allah as well as oneness of Allah.

A basic, single matter can form simple but magnificent arts

That Entity is so magnificent that He can make one thing from everything and everything from one thing. Plants drink mud, animals eat plants and meat, and humans eat meat and plants. But everything goes to soil.

He groves thousands of beings from a simple matter such as soil. He creates beautiful flowers, delicious food from a seed that looks like a tiny piece of wood.

Can you imagine taking an object that looks like a button out of your pocket and turning it into a car of the latest fashion? You would probably become the first wonder of the world because in order to make a car you need a factory as big as sixteen soccer fields.

However, isn’t it a miracle that seeds smaller than button can produce tons of fruits!? Everything is marvellous in universe. And it is so extraordinary and miraculous that this causes the forgetful and mindless people to see everything as ordinary.

There is unity in the universe

Everywhere on earth the air is one, the water is one, the sun is one and the soil is one. These four elements function the same way here as they do in any other part of the world. Those who live in the Asian Continent need air, water, soil, sun as well as those live in the America Continent. It is the same Sun that heats these parts as those parts. So it is the same Entity who controls all.

There is a perfect harmony in the universe and never any waste

There is a harmony among all living beings and their environments.  Allah created birds with wings for their balance in the air, fish with fins to move easily in the water and humans with arms. We never see a discord such as seeing arms on an airborne and wings on sea creatures.

A human needs air and the cells in his body are set according to the air pressure and not the water pressure.

And there is never any waste. For example, moles and worms are not given eyes because they live underground and they do not need eyes.

He who creates the eye knows what the eye wants to see and then create. He who creates the stomach knows what is suitable for the stomach and then creates. Such that there is nothing out of harmony and useless that we can say “What is the purpose of this here?” or “This is extra or this is missing…”

The entire universe is in solidarity and cooperation

All beings function with the support and help of each other. Just thinking of the supporting help of cells and parts of a body is too great to understand. Because in each person there are 100 trillion cells. If these cells can’t get along with each other a person’s life could not go on. There! Allah has such magnificent laws that He controls this great community in a wonderful way.

Another example, mould is not good for pine trees. However when the leaves fall the soil becomes mould. In these state the pine tree would dry in a short period of time. However the mushrooms that grove at the roots of pine trees come to the rescue. These mushrooms act as filter. They use the mould for themselves and only send the water to the pine tree. And in return they live in mutual agreement.

Just as the human soul being in accordance with the body and all cells and body parts working with and helping each other. Allah ordained the universe as helpers and servants to each other by His magnificent laws.

Every person has a different face

Snowflakes are never same in structure. Allah never creates a person with the same look and fingerprints as another. This, like the other proofs is a great miracle of Allah. Because if an artist wants each of his art to be different from the other he should know and remember each of his work so that not one is same or similar. And only Allah has the power to make it possible.

The earth has been created in the most suitable way for the beings that live on it

The earth did not stay as a viscose material. It did not turn to stone. It happened in such a way that plants, animals and humans could benefit most from it. It took the form that it could answer through certain means and purposes the need of all the beings that live on it.

For example, mountains do not take the earth off its course and mission. They save the earth from the occupation of sea. They are treasures for those who live on earth. They clean the atmosphere from poisoned gases, store water and are sources of mines.

In this way all the adorned gardens, rivers, brooks, mountains and heals have become masajid (mosques) and all beings become those who prostrate.

Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest! (Al-Rad, 28)

A person’s feeling is proof to Allah’s existence and oneness. Because humans want an Entity they can pray to. As they understand their weakness, poverty, lack of strength, the difficulty of life and not being able to cope with physical and spiritual pressures, they look for a merciful, compassionate, all-powerful Allah. A person understands Allah’s existence most with his conscience and such feelings because it is impossible for something that does not exist to make us feel this way.

A person’s wishes move from this world to infinity. It must be an Entity who controls this world and the hereafter who hears a person’s the most intimate wishes and prayers and prepares an eternal heaven for him.

Along with the universe every prophet and sacred scholar is also proof to Allah’s existence and oneness. Because they all said there is Allah and akhirah (hereafter). In order to disprove cases of hundreds of thousands of prophets and hundreds of millions of sacred scholars who came out with perfect morals, intelligence, wisdom and personality, we should consider each one non-existent. And this is absurd. What is more?.. In order to say “it is not”, they should disprove the Qur’an which could not be imitated for fourteen centuries and with each letter declares “Allah exists” and “He is One” and disprove the 350 thousand commentaries of the Qur’an. So if you have noticed, the deniers have quite a lot of work to do. And since they can’t do any of this, their denials will always be absurd. What is more… In order to deny they should consider the mind non-existent and the human and the universe as well. Because “If He does not exist, nothing exists. If He exists, everything exists. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - EVIDENCES of the EXISTENCE and ONENESS of GOD

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