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 What Is Tawhid?

Would you explain the mean of Tawhid?


  • "Tawhid" (or Tawheed) is an Arabic word and literally means "unification, to make something one." As an Islamic term, Tawheed refers to the "oneness of God" which is the most fundamental doctrine in Islam.
  • Tawhid is the most important one of the four major principles of the Qur’an.
  •  To believe that “There is no deity but Allah” saying ‘La ilaha illallah’.
  •  Tawhid consists of three things; to know that Allah is the Rabb (Lord), to profess the oneness of Allah (swt) and affirm that “He does not have peer nor partner.” There are signs and evidences in anything in the universe showing the existence, oneness and the miraculousness of Allah (swt) to those who are conscious. Tawhid is “seeing these signs in anything and everything and everywhere, understanding and knowing that none can do anything but Allah, none can dominate but Allah.” Tawhid is to know all of these and act accordingly.


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