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 If Being Sinner Is in My Destiny, Why the Guilty Is Me?

If being sinner is written in my destiny by Allah, why does He hold me responsible for my sins?


We do not do our actions just because Allah knows and predetermines what we will do. But the contrarily, because of the fact that we will do it; Allah (swt) knows it with his eternal knowledge and writes in our destiny.
For example; on the calendar the time when the sun rises for this day has already been written before a year. Today the sun has risen. But has the sun risen because of the fact that the time of sunrise was written on the calendar a year ago? Or was it written on the calendar because the sun would rise? Can we say that “The sun would not rise if the time was not written on the calendar.”? Of course the sun does not rise, for its time’s being written on the calendar; but rather it is written on the calendar because the sun will rise.
Besides,” knowing” depends on "the known”. For example, you have a friend studying in the Oxford University and you know that he/she is studying there. Now, does he study there because you know or do you know because he studies?
Allah knows with his eternal knowledge that his servant will commit a sin and writes in his destiny. If the servant would not commit the sin, of course it would not be written in his destiny. Consequently not the one who knows and writes but the one who does and causes to be written will be responsible.
On the other hand, a human certainly knows in all conscience that he does his activities with his own will. If he wills he drinks, steals or commits a crime and does many illegal things. He knows that he does all of these by his own will. But in order to evade responsibility, he prefers to blame destiny rather than improve his behaviors and correct his mistakes. He does a big injustice to the eternal knowledge and justice of Allah. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - If Being Sinner Is in My Destiny, Why the Guilty Is Me?

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