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 Is Marriage of Destiny?

Does man choose his spouse with his will or is it predetermined by Allah?


Destiny (Qadar) is divided into two groups

The first part is the destiny which is shaped by the will of man; the other is the destiny which the human will is never involved in and absolutely up to the Divine Decree. The gender, physiological properties, birth and death, what kind of and which parents he will have etc…are a few examples of the second part of destiny which the person may not determine with his will and choice and which is the destiny Allah wills with so many hikmahs (the hidden causes put by wisdom) behind.

Marriage is shaped by the will of man

Marriage is shaped by the will of man, so takes part in the first part of destiny. If marriage were a predestined absolute, no choices and no advises would be effective on it. But if we pay attention to the hadiths, we’ll see that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave many advises about marriage. For a Muslim, this point is a clue proving that marriage is a decision shaped with our free will.

What about the marriages that seem to happen out of will?

Are they also a conclusion of our free will? As a matter of fact, our past words, criticisms, bad and good deeds affect our future. Because words and behaviours are like “actual prays” that show what we want. And that kind of marriages may be consequences of past deeds and actual prays.

Some marriages are possible to happen completely out of will

Besides, it is possible for some marriages to take place completely out of free will and happen just by the divine will. In such a situation, man should consider it as a test and think about wisdoms and good consequences behind it.
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