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 Do Those Committing Suicide Die Before Their Times?

Does suicide come true just because it is written in the destiny? Do people commiting suicide take their time of death to an easrlier date? Do people committing suicide determine their time of death by themselves?


Does committing suicide come truejust because it is written in destiny? Do people committing suicide take theirtime of death to an earlier date? Do people committing suicide determine theirtime of death by themselves?

"Allah will never delay a nafs if his time is due.” (Munafiqun: 11)
“Were Allah to seize people on account of their injustices, He would not have left anyone walking on the earth, but He gives them respite up to an appointed promise; then when their promise comes they cannot go back one moment nor come forward.” (Nahl: 61)
Allah (swt) has appointed the expiry time of each living creature. It is called death, fate. Neither the one who commits suicide nor the murderer one would be assumed to change the death appointed by Allah (swt).
Having an eternal knowledge, Allah knows the suicider and the time of suicide that He appoints the fate according to this since the knowledge of Him conserves all the times. In this respect, it wouldn't be appropriate to say "the time for the murdered was not up, yet. Hadn't he committed suicide, he would live longer."
Scholars of aqaid also say: the murdered one also dies with his fate; his lifetime is not cut in the middle. Fate is one, may not be changed. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Do Those Committing Suicide Die Before Their Times?

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