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 Is Man Doomed to his Destiny?

Do we live what is predetermined for us?


The clearest evidence of our not being doomed to the destiny is Allah’s giving the human beings a “will” that is able to differentiate and free to choose the good or the bad. If the human beings were doomed to their destinies, they would not be given the “free will”.

Human beings are free for all practical purposes. They have no excuses for making the wrong choices and then blaming destiny (qadar) for the bad consequences. For example; a human jumping from the cliff cannot put the blame on the laws of nature. Because he knew the consequences of his actions thus he does not have the right to expect some miracle to happen at any time and save him from death, which probably faces him upon the jumping action!
Allah is all-knowing and with his eternal and all-surrounding knowledge (ilm) he knows anything that we will do for the best and writes them in our destiny (qadar). In other words, we do not do our activities because of the fact that they are written in our destiny; but the contrary he knows what we are capable of doing as we are his creatures, thus he knows what we will choose and do with our free will and he writes them in our destiny.

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