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 Does Nothingness Exist?

In many ayahs, the expression "the Originator of the heavens and the earth" is used. If Allah is the "Originator" it means that He created the universe from "nothingness". Does nothingness exist in real terms?


In real terms, there is not “absolute nothingness”, however there is “apparent nothingness.”

Before the universe and man were created, there was nothing, but this isn’t an absolute nothingness because they have existed in the knowledge of Allah (swt). By the divine will and infinite power of Allah (swt), they have been created and have come into existence.
There are two kinds of creation of Allah (swt):
One is the creation from nothingness without any reasons that is called “ibda”.
The other is the creation that happens gradually from the existences that is called “inshaa”.
For something (for example a machine or a house) to come into existence, doubtlessly “a project, a plan” is required. Here, the project or the plan is its “technical existence” that means it exists in the project even though it has not come into physical existence yet. For something to come into existence from the existent, “a will and power” is required which is able to control and rule over everything, so that an existence can emerge.
For example for a machine, first there should be a design, a project; however, before that there should be an “engineer” to make the design and realize the project. Is the existence of machine possible in the absence of an engineer? In the existence of the machine, someone has to “exist”; someone has to “be” to bring it into existence. Therefore, “absolute existence” is not possible in the existence of “someone”.
It means that, when there was “nothing” there was absolutely an “Entity” who brought everything into existence with His eternal will and power. That is “God” the All-Mighty and All-Knower and everything exists in His infinite knowledge. So,

before the universe was created, it was “apparently absent” and there was an “apparent nothingness” that existed in the knowledge of an Eternal God who has brought the whole universe to existence. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Does Nothingness Exist?

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