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 Is It Possible to See God?

Is it possible to see Allah? Will all men and women be able to see Allah (swt)?


Scholars consider this subject in three parts:
“Seeing Him in after life,
Seeing Him in this life,
Seeing Him in dream.”

Seeing Allah(swt) in Hereafter

There are many faces bright on that day (of the hereafter)! They are the gazers at their Master! (They are honored by the sight of Allah’s beauty!) (Qiyamah, 22-23)
Cabir Ibn-u Abdillah (ra) narrates:
“Rasulullah (pbuh) said:
While people of paradise (Jannah) living among blessings there shines a light. They immediately look up. They see Allah (swt) close to them and saying ‘Peace be upon you, O people of Jannah!”
This is the situation which is mentioned in the Qur’an as: "A Peace there is unto them from their Merciful Lords!" They look at Allah and He looks at them. They don’t pay attention to the blessings around them in Jannah as long as they are watching their Lord. This continues until Allah covers Himself. Allah covers Himself but His light and blessing are always upon the people of Jannah and their place.
(Kutub-u Sitta)
As clearly understood from this ayah (verse) and hadith, all the people of Jannah, regardless of man or women, will be able to see Allah (swt) in the hereafter.
Another obvious proof of the possibility to see Allah in the hereafter is that our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saw Him in the night of Mi’raj.
According to scholars

the appearance of Allah (swt) will be in two ways

: One is the public appearance, the other is the private appearance.
“Allah (swt) appears the people of Jannah every Friday.” (Jamiu's Sagir).
According to this hadith the public appearance is for everyone in Jannah and in Fridays.
The private appearance is in accordance with the levels of believers in knowledge and deeds. The ones at the top level may see Him any time.

Seeing Allah (swt) in this world

“No vision can grasp Him (in this world), but He (with His knowledge) grasps all visions (the creatures). He is the Most Subtle and Courteous, Well Acquainted with all things.” (An’am, 103)
When Moses came at the time We appointed and his Master addressed him, he said: “O my Lord! Show (Yourself) to me; so that I may see you!”
He (his Lord) said: “You can never see Me (in this world); but look upon the mountain, if that is able to stand still, then you can see Me (too)!” As his Master manifested unto the mountain, He smashed it into bits; and Moses collapsed (to the ground) unconsciously! When he revived, he said: “(My Master!) Glory be unto You! I repented to you (because of what I requested) and I am first of those who believe!”
(A’raf: 143)
We can conclude from these ayahs that it is impossible to see Allah (swt) in this world.

Seeing Allah (swt) in dream

“The finest dream for a believer is to see his Lord or his Prophet or his parents who are Muslim.” (Aqa'id,Umar an-Nasafi)
Referring to this hadith most Ahl as-Sunnah scholars decided that it is possible to see Allah (swt) in dream.
Most valuable scholars like Abu Ḥanifah , Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Hamza of Kura-i Sab’a and Muhammed ibn al-Tirmidhi narrated that they saw Allah (swt) in their dreams.
Of the Ahlal Sunnah scholars, al-Amidi and Saaduddeen et-Taftazani stated that it was possible to see Allah in dream .But this view would be a kind of observation not of eye but of heart.
The Imam of dream interpreters Muhammad Ibn Shirin says:
‘One who sees his Lord in his dream is interpreted to go to paradise. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is It Possible to See God?

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