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 What Can We Do on the Mawlud al-Nabi?


Since the m-Mawlid al-Nabi did not use to be celebrated in the early times of Islam, celebrating it is an innovation; however scholars accepted the Mawlid and did not object to it. They agree upon that it is a good innovation (bida-I hasana) since it is a means of worship, salawat and many activities that increase the love and respect for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
“To remember and mention the prophets is worship.” (Daylami)
“One who likes something certainly mentions it a lot.” (Daylami)

On the day of Mawlid al-Nabi, we should spare time for all kinds of worships such as salah, dua, reciting Quran and tafakkur (reflection)

ıt is very thawab to worship on the nights of Friday, Arafa, Eid (festival), Ashura, Mawlid and the night of Ragaib.” (Maktubat-I Rabbaniyah)
Some ulama stated that the best way to spend the blessed nights is sparing time for all kinds of worships such as salah, dua, reciting Quran and tafakkur (reflection). (Kutub-I Sitta)

We should please the orphans and give feast

By means of the Nabi of Allah (pbuh) who was both a maternal and paternal orphan, first of all orphans should be pleased and honored. As a sign of happiness for the birth of the Prophet (pbuh), we should give feast especially to the poor and make them happy.

We should strengthen and refresh our love for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by reading articles and poems about him

Man cannot love a person whom he doesn’t know, so in order to know and understand and consequently love him much more, we should read books, articles, poems etc. that tell about him. One of the most important duties of a Muslim is to know, understand the Prophet, consider him as a model and resemble Him in every aspect and to learn and practice the religion that He devoted himself.
Miracles that seen in the birth and childhood years of the Beloved Prophet (pbuh) should be told

We should say plentiful amounts of salawat to the Beloved Prophet (pbuh)

"Verily, Allah and His angels bless the Prophet . O you who believe, ask (Allah) to bless him and grant him abundant peace." (Surat-u Ahzab, 56)

We should thank Allah (swt) for being amongst the ummah of the Last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Can We Do on the Mawlud al-Nabi?

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