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 How Should Our Attitude Be Toward Our Ill Parents?

How should an offspring behave his ill parents?


Angels congratulate the offspring who takes care of his/her ill father or mother

O you who look after innocent sick elderly, who resemble innocent children! You have important trade for the hereafter before you. So procure it through enthusiasm and effort.
To look after the sick, especially if they are relations, or parents in particular, is important worship, yielding significant reward. To please a sick person’s heart and console him, is a sort of significant alms-giving.
Fortunate is the person who pleases the easily touched hearts of father and mother at a time of illness and receives their prayer.
It is established by many events that a fortunate child who obeys his elderly parents to the letter will be treated similarly by his children, but if a wretched child wounds his parents, he will be punished by means of many disasters in this world and in the hereafter.
Even the angels applaud, exclaiming: “Ma’shallah! Barekallah!” before loyal scenes of those good offspring who respond with perfect respect and filial kindness at the time of their parents’ illness showing the exaltedness of humanity – for they are the most worthy of respect in the life of society.
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