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 Can a Muslim Woman Marry a Non-Muslim Man?

In Islam, it is not acceptable for a Muslim woman to marry a Christian man; because it is said that the child will take the faith of the father. If we believe that all people are born Muslim, if the child is taught to follow Islam and remains Muslim, then isn'tit acceptable?


A Muslim woman’s marrying a Non-Muslim is not permissible in any condition

Neither in an ayah nor a hadith exists is a divine permission for Muslim women to marry Non-Muslim men including the people of the book that are Christians and Jews. It is certainly forbidden in the ayah:
“Nor marry (your girls) to unbelievers until they believe: A man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever, even though he allures you.” (Surat-u Baqara, 221)
The scholar Elmalili Hamdi Yazir interprets this ayah in his interpretation called “Haq Dini Quran Dili” as the following: “Marry your girls neither to polytheists (no matter just apparently or really polytheists they are) nor to the people of book (ahl-I kitaab that are Christians and Jews). Do not marry them to any of your girls or women until they believe. And doubtlessly, a slave believer is better than any unbeliever and polytheist even though he has allured you with his freedom, his handsomeness, his fortune, his rank and his worldly properties.

In marriage, men are in charge of women

“Men are in charge of women…” (Surat-u Nisa, 34)
Family harmony substantially depends on “obedience”. In order to achieve a happy and peaceful family life, there need to be an authority to make the last decision and tell the last word. As understood from the ayah above, this authorization is given to men and women are required to obey their husbands.
Since women are under the charge and protection of their husbands, if a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim man, she will be under the charge and responsibility of him that may be quite difficult and dangerous for her faith. Since the authority will be in the hands of her non-Muslim husband, it is inevitable for her to get into difficulties living her own belief.
As long as the religions of the spouses are different, they may fall into disagreement with each other in many issues. It is extremely difficult for such a marriage to achieve a harmony, peaceful and happy family life. Probably, either the man or (and most likely) the woman will have to give up living according to his/her belief to obtain the family harmony that will cause losing her happiness of the eternal life just to achieve a mortal temporary worldly pleasure. So Islam, in order to protect the peace and rights of women, wants them to marry Muslim men.

The main target of a Muslim marriage

Moreover, the main target of a marriage must be gaining the consent of Allah (swt). Therefore, it is absolutely better and also essential for a Muslim woman to choose a Muslim spouse who will help her gain the happiness and pleasure of both this world and the eternal life as well. Such a marriage will certainly make the spouses closer to Allah (swt) and cause them to gain His consent.
Although the child is taught Islam, the belief of a non-Muslim father can confuse the child’s mind
Not only the mother but also the father is in charge of upbringing of the child.
In the hadith, Abu Huraira narrated that:
“There is none born but is created to his true nature (Islam). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Magian.” (Muslim, Kitab-ul Qadr)
As understood from the hadith, every child is born to Islamic nature (fitra). Unless he converts to any other religions, he remains Muslim. The effect of parents on child’s learning and living his religion is considerably big. Although mother thinks that her efforts for her child’s belief will be enough, the effect of father can’t be ignored whether father is aware of his effect or not. As women are required to obey their husbands, it will cause a conflict: if wife obeys her non-Muslim husband, she will not be able to bring up her child as a Muslim; or if she doesn’t obey and agree with her husband, she will not achieve the family harmony and peace.
However, it is not the same when a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim woman; since man is in charge of his wife, she, despite being a non-Muslim, has to obey his husband and bring up her child as a Muslim.
One point that we shouldn’t ignore is that the reasons we have mentioned above are just a few expects of the prohibition that we can see, but only Allah (swt), the All-Knowing is the One who knows the best for us and who knows the real reasons of his commands.
In conclusion, since there is no permission to Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, it is better and essential for them to choose a Muslim spouse that will make her gain the consent of Allah (swt). Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Can a Muslim Woman Marry a Non-Muslim Man?

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