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Can a Muslim Woman Marry a Non-Muslim Man?

In Islam, it is not acceptable for a Muslim woman to marry a Christian man; because it is said that the child will take the faith of the father. If we believe that all people are born Muslim, if the child is taught to follow Islam and remains Muslim, then isn'tit acceptable? 2.8.2011 20:35

Marriage and Destiny

Does man choose his spouse with his free will or does Allah predetermine his choice? Is the choise of spouse predestined? 10.20.2010 10:45

Is Marriage of Destiny?

Does man choose his spouse with his will or is it predetermined by Allah? 1.8.2011 23:39

What is Hurmat-i Musahara?

What is the marriage forbiddance? Who are those forbidden ones for marriage? 10.4.2010 06:38


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