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 Is it permissible for a Muslim to work in a pub?

Is it permissible to work in a place where alcoholic beverages are served and sold?


In Islam, not only drinking alcohol but also trading in alcohol is forbidden. There is no controversy over this prohibition as stated in the hadith clearly:

Narrated by Tirmidhi and Ibn-I Majah, the Beloved Prophet (pbuh) stated that;

“Truly, Allah has cursed khamr (alcoholic beverages) and has cursed the one who produces it, the one for whom it is produced, the one who drinks it, the one who serves it, the one who carries it, the one for whom it is carried, the one who sells it, the one who earns from the sale of it, the one who buys it, and the one for whom it is bought.” (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)

It is the same for interest, gamble and prostitution. Not only committing them but also working in companies involved in them is prohibited.

Therefore, a Muslim who doesn't want to commit a sin must avoid working in such a place. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is it permissible for a Muslim to work in a pub?



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