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 Is It Permissible to Ask Imam a Question During Khutbah?

Is it permissible to ask Imam a question concerning his Jum'ah khutbah while he is delivering khutbah(sermon)?


In Our Prophet’s (pbuh) sunnah, we see that he (pbuh) does not prohibit asking questions during khutbah; on the contrary he respects and answers with patience.  

Abu Rifaa al-Adavi (ra) states that:

“I came to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He was delivering khutbah. I asked him: “O Messenger of Allah! I am a stranger who does not know his religion. I ask you what my religion is.” Thereupon, he turned to me, interrupted his sermon and came near me. They brought a chair for him. I think its feet were of iron. He sat on it. Instantly he started to teach me of the knowledge that Allah (swt) has taught him. After that, he returned to his sermon and completed it.” (Muslim, Jum’a 60; Nasai, Ornaments 123)

The narrations above lead to the conclusion that it is permissible to ask imam a question while he is delivering khutbah, even it is a friday (jum’a) khutbah (sermon). Furthermore, the imam should answer this question. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is It Permissible to Ask Imam a Question During Khutbah?



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