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 Is It Permissible to Give Blood?

Is it permissible to give blood? Is blood like the other organs of the body?


Islam, under some circumstances, forbids the use of certain foods and beverages such as animals which are not slaughtered in accordance with Islamic rules, pork meat, blood, wine etc… If there isn’t any emergency, it is not permissible for Muslims to eat, drink or inject into their veins these certain foods and beverages. But some necessities such as hunger, thirst or a serious illness make such forbidden things allowable.
If blood is given to a bleeding patient to save him/her from death, this is permissible. Because, in the verse, it is clearly expressed that prohibition is canceled if there is an emergency. According to Hanafi Scholars, treatment is possible and permissible with the forbidden foods and beverages, if it is certainly known that they will restore the patient’s health. (al-Kasani, Badayiu's-Sanayi)
The recent fıqh scholars see blood transfusion to the patient or the wounded permissible, if saving the patient’s life depends on this. (Ahmad Al-Shirbasi)
Blood transfusion cannot be mentioned in the same category with organ transplant because blood is not like the other organs of the body. Because blood is a fluid that helps cell regeneration, is produced, cleaned and thrown out of the body when its work is done. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is It Permissible to Give Blood?

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