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 What is the Provision for "Going into Toilet" While the Adhan is Being Recited?

What is the Provision for going into toilet while the adhan is being recited? And What happens when start to be recited while an individual is relieving himself?


"Abdullah b. Amr b. al-As reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: When you hear the Mu'adhdhin, repeat what he says, then invoke a blessing on me, for everyone who invokes a blessing on me will receive ten blessings from Allah; then beg from Allah al-Wasila for me, which is a rank in Paradise fitting for only one of Allah's servants, and I hope that I may be that one. If anyone who asks that I be given the Wasila, he will be assured of my intercession." (Muslim, Book 4, Hadith 747)
In the hadith, the repetition is commanded providing that you hear it. The repetition of adhan means leaving other occupations. Hanafi scholars considered it as wajib to leave other occupations such as reciting Qur’an making dua, speaking, giving salams or chantings and occupying oneself with the repetition of the adhan.
There are certain reasons validating not to repeat it. While you are performing prayer, in toilet, performing intercourse… In these situations you are not supposed to repeat it. But apart from these, it is wajib for every individual young-old, male-female, clean-junub.
If we need to leave reciting Qur’an while the adhan is being called, then occupations like relieving oneself is also not considered to be appropriate. But if the adhan starts while you are in bathroom relieving, then you are of course not supposed to repeat the adhan since toilet is not the place for this repetition. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is the Provision for "Going into Toilet" While the Adhan is Being Recited?

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