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 Why is it compusory to seek Islamic knowledge?

why is studying islamic studies compulsory for us


Islamic knowledge: to distinguish between right and wrong

The only way to distinguish between right and wrong; haram and halal is to gain knowledge

Ilm has been legislated on every Muslim in Islam. It is essential for every Muslim to gain knowledge enough to distinguish right from wrong; halal from haram and to fulfill his religious duties. As a matter f fact, Prophet Muhammad stated that "Seeking knowledge is compulsory (fard) on every Muslim. (irrespective of whether he is a male or a female).” (Ibn Majah)


Islamic knowledge: to prevent any kind of evilness including blasphemy

According to Islam, ilm (knowledge) and hikmah (wisdom) are the lost property of a Muslim; wherever he finds it, he should take it. The source of any evilness, even the blasphemy and denial is ignorance. A person who knows what blasphemy really does not become a disbeliever. He who knows the meaning and the outcomes of polytheism does not associate partners to Allah (swt) and worship none other than Allah (swt). So, in order to prevent the people from ignorance which will harm both worldly life and the hereafter, it is ordained in the Quran “…therefore be not of the ignorant.”(Surah al An’am, 35) As stated in the Quran clearly “..those of His servants only who are possessed of knowledge fear Allah;” (Surah al Fatir, 28)


The real purpose: to practice and to gain the consent of Allah (swt)

The real purpose of seeking knowledge in Islam is to gain the consent of Allah (swt) and to practice with it. This is what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked in His prayers:

” O Allah! Make my Ilm profitable for me, give me knowledge which is profitable and add in my knowledge.” (Tirmidhi, Daawat, 128)

“ O Allah! I seek your refuge from useless knowledge.”( Tirmidhi, Daawat, 68)

Islamic knowledge: to know your Lord properly and achieve tahqiqi iman level

To seek knowledge is essential to achieve tahqiqi iman level which is fard upon every Muslim. For further information please read http://askaquestionto.us/question-answer/faith/how-can-i-increase-my-iman


Islamic knowledge: to achieve the peace of both worlds

This world is like a field in which our actions are sown like seeds and they grow into plants which are then harvested in the next world. To provide the world order and the personal and social peace, people need power to maintain the regularity and balance with social, personal, economic, religious and worldly issues that can be achieved the best with the Islamic studies.

Islamic knowledge purifies the soul from harming immorality of nafs, illuminates the heart and provides good morals, social ethics that will bring him the happiness and peace of both this world and the next.

Ilm is one of the attributes of Allah (swt). Besides, the source of the dignity of the prophets and the angels come from “ilm”. Ilm is the epitome of wisdom…

Alim (scholar) who shows the right path to the people is the follower of the Prophet’s footsteps that is the addressee of the divine order “O Messenger (Muhammad)! Proclaim (the Message) which has been sent down to you from your Lord. “

To learn sciences other than Islam that is necessary for society such as medicine, technique, architect etc. is fard al kifaya. It means that it is not obligatory for every Muslim to learn these sciences if sufficient number of people have learned. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why is it compusory to seek Islamic knowledge? 

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