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 What is the Reality of Miraj? What Should We Understand Mentioning the Miraj Concept?

What is the reality of Miraj? What should we understand mentioning the Miraj concept?


Miraj is a spiritual journey in which our beloved Prophet (pbuh) ascended through spiritual modes and maturity (kamalat) manners. That is, it is not an ordinary journey but a spiritual progression and ascension. Almighty Allah (SWT) has shown to his messenger whom he sent as a mercy to the all realms, the centres of His sovereignty in the seven heavens and Asma al-Husna (His Most Beautiful Names) which were manifested there.
All those manifestations that he witnessed boosted all the potential in his blessed soul and he was exposed to all those Names reflected on the universe to a degree. So, to be the recipient of manifestations of Most Beautiful Names of Allah at utmost level is the mystery of Miraj al-Ahmad (Miraj journey of Prophet Ahmad (pbuh))
He progressed spiritually and gained an ability to meet and speak to Allah without any barrier and he became the recipient of the limitless beauty and the address of Allah, who is the Lord of Realms, in Qa’b Qawsayn (two bows far) leaving the entire universe behind.
Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) got to know Allah, who is the sultan of the universe, in the highest level and understood the divine purposes for which He created that universe. Thus, he returned back having been equipped perfectly with all information and knowledge needed for the prophethood task which pertains to the entire universe. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is the Reality of Miraj? What Should We Understand Mentioning the Miraj Concept?

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