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 Couldn’t Qur'an Possibly Be Written by Muhammad (pbuh)?

Couln't Quran possibly be written by Muhammad (pbuh)?


Evidence for Qur’an’s not having been written by Muhammad (pbuh) is Muhammad (pbuh) himself again

• One of the major evidences that Qur’an is the word of Allah is that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was ummi (unable to read & write). Is it possible that a person who is neither able to read nor write can write a book which has been training thousands of scholars in every century?
• Our Prophet (pbuh) applied Quran’s orders and prohibitions himself before anyone else did. And He obeyed the provisions of Quran more than anyone else. For example, during the most difficult moments of worship, even in jihad, at the expense of life He continued to fight without fear in the forefront.
He was the fondest of praying and worshipping among people. In fact, His devotion to prayer made him continue worship until the Morning Prayer with swollen feet. In addition to prayer he was obliged for midnight prayer which was not ordered for the rest of the Ummah.
Our Prophet’s (pbuh) application of Qur’an’s provisions point by point, letter by letter, word by word in a wonderful way on any subject such as family relationships, prayer, jihad, justice, asceticism and piety proves that those are not his own but Allah’s orders and provisions.
• Our prophet’s (pbuh) declaration alone and while being unsafe, against the face of fierce enemy, easily, carelessly, unhurriedly, sincerely, while arousing irritation indicates that Qur’an is the word of Allah. Even a small lie cannot be told without showing a bit of worry. And not long after, lie is surfaced. But correctness of our prophet’s claims and that Qur’an is the word of Allah is proven by the passed 15 centuries.
• Our Prophet (pbuh) was known as Muhammad-ul amin "reliable in every way" among the people of Quraish. Such that even after the declaration of prophethood, they would still entrust him their goods. Our Prophet (pbuh) never lied even if it was for the sake of joke. Even the most unruly enemies of Islam verified that he never lied. And about the Qur'an, they said: "It is not human word, It is Allah’s word.” Of course, if he is saying then it is correct.

Qur’an by frustrating the enemies in making counterparts of it declares that “It is the word of Allah”

“And if you are in doubt about what (the Qur’an) we have sent down upon our servant (in stages), then come, bring forth a chapter of its kind; and if you are truthful (in your claim), call on your witnesses (helpers) besides Allah.” (Baqara: 23)
Qur'an has a perfect and inimitable eloquence in terms of its verses, statements, meaning, adjustment of letters and rhetoric.
Even the most literary of the mankind, the greatest orator, the most advanced scholars in their field, the most famous poets are challenged to make a similar one of Qur’an for the last one thousand five hundred years
But for the last 15 centuries, even a single similar verse was not produced. If this had been produced it had been known, of course. Such an attempt was done; the false prophets like Musailama-I Kazzab have taken their place in the comical pages of literary history. Even the most literary people were unable to bring upon a similar one which undoubtedly shows that Qur’an is not a man-product.

That the repetitions in the Quran don’t bore readers is a proof of Quran’s being the word of Allah (swt)

The huge revolution Quran did is also a proof of Quran’s being the word of Allah

Quran by taking a good turn to social and poltical life made such a big revolution in the minds and hearts of people and heightened this huge community to the highest level at that time, who bury their daughters alive and who are stubborn, deeply affiliated with traditions. No human word can have the effect on the community to make radical changes and keep them through the 15 centuries. A book which is, by no force, making great revolutions with little power and little effort is doubtlessly the word of Allah (swt), connot be man-made.

The truth of 

“Quran contains everything”

also is a proof of Quran’s being the word of Allah (swt)

The Tawafuqs (to be correlated to each other in some way) seen in Quran are the proofs of Quran’s being the word of Allah

The words having similar and opposite meanings are mentioned in the same numbers in Quran. This is defined as: “tawafuq (correlation) between the transition number of the words”. For example; in similar words:
قُلْ (say!) is mentioned 332 times. This word’s usage of (says-say) is mentioned 332 times again.
The word moon (شَهْرٍ) is mentioned 12 times as the same number of a year.
The word days (أَيَّامًا) is mentioned 30 times as the same number in a month.
And the word day (يَوْم) is mentioned 365 times as the same number in a year.
And for the words which has the opposite meanings:
The word “faith” 25 times, the disbelieving “kufr” is mentioned also 25 times.
The word “angel” is mentioned 88 times, and the opposite meaning of it “devil (satan)” is mentioned also 88 times.
The word “Justice” is mentioned 15 times and the opposite meaning “cruelty” is also mentioned 15 times.
There are great deals of tawafuqs like these. If it is considered that Quran is a book which consists of 6666 verses, it is impossible for a human being to think and write these things.

Who cannot deny scholars and saints that are the fruits of Quran like the Imam Rabbani, Imam Ghazali, Abdulqadir Gailani and Mawlana, cannot also deny the Holy Quran which is the tree of these fruits

If we regard the Holy Quran as a tree, boughs are considered as the centuries, and the fruits are considered as the saints and scholars who lived in those centuries.
All of the saints and scholars with their books, oracles, knowledge and livings prove that Quran is not a word of a human.

Quran’s preserving its youthfulness and being not forgotten is a proof that it is the word of Allah.

Quran’s addressing each level of mankind in each era shows that it is the word of Allah. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Couldn’t Qur'an Possibly Be Written by Muhammad (pbuh)?

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