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 What Makes the Qur’an Superior to the Other Divine Books?

What are the qualifications making the Qur’an the last book and superior to the other holy books?




  ( Bible, Tawrat, Zabur,  
other scriptures)

The Only Book Having the Title “Kalamullah”

(The Words of Allah)

Qur’an comes from the highest level of all His names with the title of Lord of the Realms.

They do not Have Any

Particular Titles

Other revealed books come from some particular names of Allah answering the needs of a particular tribe and that particular period.


  Qur’an is a universal book addressing to all humankind and jinns, past and future generations.

To a Particular Period

They address only to that period and the people for whom revealed.

Everything is Shown In the Qur‘an

Qur’an includes everything about humankind; the past, the future, all the positive and religious sciences as seeds and gist.

Treating Only Particular Subjects

Mostly Du’a, advice, historical events and moral values.

          Never Been Distorted

Allah informed through His Ayahs to protect and preserve Qur’an. All the copies of the Qur’an anywhere in the world are the same.

Distorted Through Time

Other Divine Books are distorted. In the inspections, it is ascertained only in the Christian Bible there are almost 200.000 differences.

Its Wordings are also Worship

Qur’an is the only book, reading of which words are worship.

They are Read to Learn the Conditions

Other revealed books are only read to learn the conditions inside.

                                        It has Eloquence

The order of the Qur’an ayahs are spotless and substantial. Its style has glamorous and marvelous beauty. Its explanation and wording has limpidity and sublimity. It has integrity and power in its meanings. Its words are accurate and fluent.

Other revealed books do not have this eloquence miracle.

A Miracle of the Prophet Muhammad (asw)

The Holy Qur’an is the miracle of our Prophet and Our Prophet (asm) is also the miracle of the Qur’an.

They are not Sent as the Miracles of Their Prophets

Other revealed books are not sent as the miracles of their prophets.

The Last Divine Book

        No Holy Book shall be revealed after the Qur’an.

Their Conditions are Lapsed. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Makes the Qur’an Superior to the Other Divine Books?

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