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 How Was the Order of the Chapters (Surahs) and Verses (Ayahs) in the Quran Determined?

  How, when and by whom was the order of the chapters and verses in the Quran determined?


Which chapter each verse belong to and the places of the verses in the chapters were revealed to Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) through revelations.
Revealed verses and chapters did not come in a specific order. Before a chapter was completed another chapter could be revealed and the verses were not ordered in a definite way. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had the verses, which were revealed by Allah through Jibril (as), written on pieces of leather, leaves of date trees, smooth stones, shoulder blades of animals and other such artifacts. Each time Jibril (as) brought a verse, He (as) also taught Prophet Muhammad which chapter and what order the verse came in.
The order of the chapters in the Quran was determined during the caliphate of

Hadrat Othman (ra)

after consultation with sahabah (companions of Rasulullah [pbuh]).
During the caliphate of

Hadrat Abu Bakr


Hadrat Omar

said that the memorizers of Quran (who read the Quran in the proper way and beautifully) were martyred in wars, therefore was worried about Quran.
As a consequence they brought together a consultation group with 12 members one of whom was Zayd bin Sabit who was Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) revelations clerk (writer) and this group was responsible for bringing together copies of Quran.
Hadrat Abu Bakr (ra) set forth a condition to Hadrat Zayd that he shouldn’t trust his memory when he is compiling the Quran. He should ask for two written witnesses for each verse. And Hadrat Abu Bakr also asked that whoever had a copy of Quran turn it over to Hadrat Zayd. Those who brought written copies were sworn that their copies were confirmed by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Finally, the order of the Quran verses was determined after consultations with sahabah during the caliphate of Hadrat Othman. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - How Was the Order of the Chapters (Surahs) and Verses (Ayahs) in the Quran Determined?

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