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 Do Angels Really Have Wings As It Is told?

Allah who bestows different wings to birds and plants so that they can fly in the sky and travel between continents has certainly given the necessary means of travel and proper wings to His angels in order to travel from Venus to Jupiter, from Jupiter to Saturn and to other stars. However; since angels are made of light, their wings should be suitable for their creation which is light (nur).
From the raindrops to the stars many things can be considered as the travelling vehicles for angels. They ride these things by the will of Allah. They travel throughout the universe.
Praise to Allah who is the Originator (Creator) of the heavens and the earth, who appoints the angels as messengers with two, three and four wings. He increases (materially or spiritually) in creation (of the things) whatever He wills (to whomever He wills). No doubt, Allah is fully capable over all things. (Fatir, 1)
In this ayah (verse) mentioning of the plurality of the wings of angels is an indication to their degree of power and velocity and their values before Allah.
A hadith is narrated about the power of Gabriel who has six hundred wings:
Hadrat Prophet (pbuh) asked Gabriel:
“Allah mentions your power, how strong are you?” He answered:
“I took four cities of Lot’s tribe onto my wings, lifted them high enough for the ones in the sky to hear the dogs of the city bark and the rooters’ crow and then slammed them to the ground.
(Fakhruddin Radi, Tafsiru’l Kabir)
Abdullah b. Mas’ud narrated that Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) saw Gabriel twice in his real form:
“He (pbuh) saw Gabriel, in his real form and he had six hundred wings.”
As understood from this narration angels are created from several pleasant objects and they have form and dimension.

“… Who appoints the angels as messengers having wings two, three and four …”
this statement in the ayah (verse) indicates that angels can be at two, three, for or more stars at the same time.
As the Sun rays can easily be found with all their properties in all the places, similarly the angels can be found in multiple places.
Because, we can’t say that they have only one shape angels are made of light and they have reflective properties. Similarly, angels can be found in many places in different shapes. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Do Angels Really Have Wings As It Is told?

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