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 Why Are We Unable to See the Angels?

Why cannot we see the angels (malaika)?


Angels have been created from such delicate and fine substances like light (noor) far beyond our ability to see.
Being unable to see the angels, human beings are unable to see their own souls and minds either; but they do not feel skeptical about the existence of their own minds and souls.
Our eyesight is capable of seeing only the substantial existences thus, very limited. But those in existence are not only limited to what we see. People having materialist ideas suppose that the realm of existence only consists of materials. But the verse; the lowest, the weakest and the most groundless degree of existence is the substance or the matter. Thus, at any moment it is doomed to decay, dissolve, change and perish. Only if the soul and life enter into the matter (substance), it gains value and increases its degree of existence.
For example, the “very essence” of human beings is not the body but the soul. Because without the soul; the body is neither able to see even having the eye, nor can it hear even having the ears and his tongue cannot speak either.
Angels, too, are the existences having the souls, but differently not the bodies. With their souls they love, think, worship and tasbeeh Allah (swt). Their bodies are not from those unable to fly, stay under the sea, run as fast as gazelle in the land, unlike the humans. They have wonderful bodies which can penetrate into anything as the light (noor) does. The more the light (noor) and infinitesimal existences like light get lightened, the more they can easily penetrate into concealed and fine things. X- Ray, neutrino, beam are some examples for this truth.
That is to say, as well as angels are created from subtle substances such as light, sound, word, fragrance which are fine like noor, our eyesight is, however, not as strong enough to see them. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Are We Unable to See the Angels?

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hamza said on "2.21.2013 11:04" :
Thanks. i was really curious about it.. best explanation ive ever read.

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