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 Does Allah Need Angels?

Even though Allah is the Omnipotent, why does He create the angels for the works in the universe?


“But His command, when He intends a thing, is only that he says unto it: Be! And it is.” (Ya-seen: 82)
“Allah, the eternally Besought of all!” (Ikhlaas: 2)
• Angels are created not for the purpose of helping Allah but for worshipping him. They are entrusted with applying the laws of Allah in the universe. They don’t have authority of applying as they wish. Allah gives them the power to accomplish all of these duties. What they do is their worship to Allah.
• Angels are the mirrors reflecting the Perfect names and attributes of Allah. Allah wishes to watch His own Magnificent Names and Attributes through the Angels which are His creations.
• Angels worship Allah with great enthusiasm by applying the glorious divine laws in the universe.
• Angels are the screens displaying the Excellence and the Magnificence of Allah. Though Allah Himself does everything, He creates causes as coverings to prevent His Excellence and Magnificence from bad ascriptions. A governor doesn’t go to the kitchen and cook the dishes himself when he gives feast to his guests or his public. He gets the dishes cooked by his men so that his glory and excellence may not be stained by getting occupied with simple businesses.
• The Owner and The Doer of each action is Allah. But He created angels and so many causes as coverings in order not to shade His Excellence and Magnificence.
For more information on this topic click on the article entitled “Allah Is Not Dependent on His Angels.” . Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Does Allah Need Angels?

Another question about this topic:

A non-muslim asked why does God need angels? I gave a link from this site as answer.He replies: It is illogical in believing in an allpowerful being that sits on a chair and creates angels to do his work when he's perfectly capable of doing everything himself at once, and without any effort instantly. The king analogy is a fail because the king isn't all that God is. He needs others to work for him because he can't himself, a God doesn't. An all-powerful being has no constraints. What do I say? Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Does Allah Need Angels?


Dear Brother,

First of all, we congratulate you for your efforts to serve Islam and iman that is the greatest honor and mission that Allah (swt) has bestowed the best of  mankind. We implore that Allah (swt) the most high grants you with His consent and  a very strong iman that will bring you the happiness of the two worlds. May He (swt) reward you with the best for your efforts.  

Furthermore, we’d like to offer you our apologies for the very late answer because of some unexpected reasons. We appreciate assisting you with your struggles for Islam as best as we can.

As to your answer:

What is analogy?

Analogy means the process of comparing one thing with another thing that has similar features in order to explain it. It is obvious that the two compared things in an analogy do not have to carry exactly the same features. Since their “similar features” are compared, it is quite adequate for the compared features to be suitable and proper. If the compared features are similar, it is accepted as a successful analogy. Furthermore, the main target of an analogy is to explain the unknown or the unfamiliar, comparing it to well-known or easily understood similar things.

 To make it easier to comprehend the unseen

Comparison, representation and deductive analogy are the methods used in the Quran, Bible and interpretations. Because, faith is mainly about “the unseen” and the pillars of faith are all about “the unseen.” The unseen facts are explained and brought closer through examples and analogies that are known and seen clearly. Thus, it gets easier for people from all walks of life to comprehend the facts of faith.

Can God be compared to His creatures in real terms?

God is Unique and He is incomparable. Then, how can an Omnipotent, an All-Powerful Creator who needs no one and nothing to exist be compared to impotent and powerless creatures that always need their Lord to exist? Surely, it is impossible and illogical to compare Him to anything.

However, Allah (swt) reflects some of his names and attributes on His creatures to a small extent. Because God is unseen and there is nothing resembling Him since He doesn’t resemble any of His creatures. So He has granted some of His attributes unto His creatures in extremely small extents. For example, He is Alim, the all-Knowing. But, how could we comprehend the concept of “knowing” if we didn’t have the ability “to know”?  Allah is Basir, the All-Seeing; how could we understand the meaning of “seeing” if we didn’t have the ability “to see”? He has granted us these abilities so that we can know and comprehend Him. Nevertheless, these abilities are just extremely small samples; so small that they even can’t be compared to those Allah (swt) has. Because it is like sun and a small candle. Can a candle be compared to sun that is millions of degree in the centre? A candle can only be mentioned as an example to explain the sun’s light and heat to small extent. It is not a real comparison at all, just an analogy to understand the attributes of sun easily.

 As to the king analogy in the question about angels;

In this article, the king analogy is used to explain some unseen facts about God and the angels by using some similarities between. It is not like comparing God with others; it is just mentioning some examples that are easy for human brain.

A king represents power, control, sovereignty and command. Allah has everlasting, unlimited and absolute power and an excellent control and sovereignty over the creatures that are incomparable to any king. However, in order to comprehend His unique attributes, we have to use some examples to perceive the concepts.

In a nutshell, Allah is surely not equal to any kings, but it is easier to understand his power and control with the king example. Since it is not a complete comparison (since they are extremely far from eachother), there are great differences; like king has servants and officers since he is weak  and needs them to govern and since it is impossible for a king to do everything alone; but Allah (swt) is never in need of anything. He is Omnipotent. He has servants and officers like angels due to the purposes explained in the question http://askaquestionto.us/question-answer/angels/does-allah-need-angels.

So, if the objector reads the article again bearing these facts in mind and listening to his conscience, heart and logic, we hope he will get the answer.

An all powerful being has no constraints

None of the creatures can constrain Allah (swt). The only God deserving the worship is He who commands the whole universe.

Neither a king is able to see every corner of his state nor is his power enough to provide the needs of his every people. Yes, a king needs officers to work for him to help him, because his power is limited and he is weak to see and do everything simultaneously.

However, the only God that deserves worshipping alone is almighty and certainly able to command the whole universe alone, without any help. Assuming the angels as his helpers is to assume God weak! Then how does the universe come to be perfect? And how can a weak one come to create perfectly? And how has the universe been existing on a glorious harmony for billions of years? This perfect harmony indicates the perfection of the Creator who needs no helpers.

Allah never needs any of his creatures

It is absolutely certain that the one whose power and abilities have been granted cannot be Creator. God is the Creator who possesses anything in the universe. However, creatures just have the abilities and attributes that Allah has granted on them. They are in existence with the power of Allah (swt). Nothing could do anything without the names and attributes of Allah reflecting on them. Even the life we have does not belong to us, but granted by Allah.   

However, Allah has no limits and no needs cause He has eternal and unlimit power. The creation of heaven and a flower is the same for Him.


Dear Brother,

We hope our answer is satisfying enough for you,

But if you still have any further to ask about this issue or any other, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to assist you as best as we can. We also recommend you to read the other articles in "Allah category" in our website that can be helpful to you to explain this issue and we'll be glad if you let us know your comments.

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