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 Is It Normal Not to Be Curious About the Hereafter?

Is it normal of a person not to be curious about anything related to the Hereafter (Akhirah) and Allah?

Imagine that you are at home and sleeping in your bed. When you wake up, you all of a sudden realize that you are in a huge plane with wonderful equipment. What do you first think in this case? Don’t you get shocked?
Would you ask “Who brought me here? How did he do this? Why did he bring me here? To where is this plane going? And from whom am I going to get the answers for these questions?” and search with a great curiosity? Or would you just turn towards the open buffet of the restaurant to satisfy your hungriness as if nothing interesting has happened? Of course nobody who is intelligent will be indifferent to this situation because of the curiosity and passion for learning the truth in human nature.
So, why do you think the people who open their eyes to a world, which is more wonderful than the mentioned plane, don’t investigate anything in anyway? How far is it considered to be normal not to be curios about the questions such as “From where did I come? To where am I going and why am I here? And who will give the answers of these questions?”
There is a wonderful order in the universe. The ones who will realise this order, harmony and miracles are not animals; of course they are human beings. For example, both a human and an animal eat “apple”. The difference between them is to contemplate upon it. The animal does not know what it eats but the human being have a contemplation capability to realize that he eats an apple, that the apple is a fruit and it has a lovely smell and taste and it has been prepared according to his needs and it is presented to him as an art piece after taken from the black earth.
The human beings are equipped with enough spiritual and material equipment which are necessary to search and know Allah. The universe is also organized to indicate the existence of Allah. But in this century there are many sinister plots to abolish the human’s ability to contemplate on Allah. Thus, the humans are not in the pursuit of the truths, they are in the search of satisfaction of their lusty desires and these desires damage their humanity. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is It Normal Not to Be Curious About the Hereafter?

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